Achieve more everyday with the right memory card

Jan 20, 2012

Samsung memory cards lying on a desk alongside Samsung laptop and camcorder

Since the introduction of modern digital devices, collecting various forms of memory cards has been unfortunate by product of keeping up with the latest and coolest gadgets. Basically, the more devices you have, the more memory cards you end up with, until now…

The latest developments in the world of memory cards mean that we no longer need as many actual cards. This is because, firstly, one memory card is now compatible with various product types and, secondly, they are far more powerful and are able to store a lot more information.

To illustrate this point and also to show the full capabilities, let’s take a look at a possible day in the life of a modern memory card such as the Micro SD card. From smartphone to printer, it really show just how much can be achieved.


Before you can get to work, your boss has already sent you a file to your smartphone, which you immediately download onto you Micro SD card. It has an urgent brief containing relevant pictures. You take a quick look while making your way to the exclusive interview. Once you make it to your destination, you conduct your interview using your personal camcorder, first ensuring that you have inserted your memory card from your smartphone. The interview goes great! You then decide to grab a few pictures of the Mayor on your digital camera for back up. Once again, you transfer your Micro SD card from your camcorder to the camera. Say cheese!


You finally get to work; there’s no time to rest. Your boss asks you to present by the end of the day. First you need to collate your work. You pop your Micro SD card into your Note PC and upload your content. After a few hours hard work, you’re ready to present. You save your presentation onto your Micro SD card and head into the boardroom. First things first; you slot the memory card into the projector. Once the presentation is finished and amidst the congratulations, you quickly pop your memory card into the printer and make copies of your presentation for everyone to enjoy. Job Done!

As can be seen with this example, the possibilities of modern memory cards are vast. A journey of very common and everyday experiences highlight this and shows just how much can be achieved.