A girl about to blow out candles on a cake

Make Special Events More Fun

  • Bring blown-up headshots of invited guests who couldn’t make the event. Encourage other guests to pose for photos with them.

  • For a more elegant touch, bring a copy of the invitation so you can photograph it at a table setting or near a floral arrangement.

  • Think of a quirky item from the past—such as a ratty concert T-shirt, an old sports uniform, or a stuffed animal—that reminds you of the hosts or the guests of honor. Bring it and let guests hold it (or even wear it) in pictures.

Get Creative with a Portable Optical Disc Drive

  • A montage of photos and videos backed with a playlist of music from the event

  • A corporate-style slide show with photos from the event and charts depicting poll results—sample question: Who delivered last night’s worst karaoke performance?

  • A fake documentary about the event—extremely serious narration is optional
    Your own dance competition “TV show” with video clips of some of the weekend’s best (or funniest) dancers, complete with ratings from judges

Instant Memories that Last a Lifetime

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