Know Your Apps: Angry Birds

Sep 14, 2012

Know Your Apps Angry Birds

Looking for the next big fling? Everyone’s favorite ticked-off feathered friends are coming to select 2012 Samsung LED Smart TVs, in Full HD and with all-new Gesture Control that puts you right in the game. Those pigs won’t know what hit ‘em.

The Angry Birds need your help. Only you can rescue their precious eggs from those omelet-loving green pigs—and now the new Angry Birds app for select 2012 LED Smart TVs (7500 Series and higher) lets you get in the game like never before. Full HD delivers eye-popping gameplay, and with new Gesture Control (available on select 2012 Samsung Smart LED TV models), you control the action with your own hand movements instead of the remote control.

 Unlock the Levels 

Conquer 63 progressively demanding levels as you unleash the special powers of the Angry Birds to destroy the greedy pigs’ fortresses. The Angry Birds app features the same addictively challenging gameplay as classic Angry Birds, calling on strategy, skill and luck to outmatch the pigs and unlock the next level—and now with Gesture Control, those chickens will really be flying the coop.

 Get Competitive 

Round up your friends and challenge them to get their game on with no remote control needed—Gesture Control lets you be the slingshot. Brilliant Full HD graphics, animated clips between each level and zippy sound effects make the game even more fun. Discover the birds’ unique skills and break through the pigs’ ingenious defenses as you compete to see who can hit the highest level or advance the fastest.

Not feeling competitive? Work off some healthy aggression with a few rounds of gesture-controlled bird slinging, then save your highest score for the next player to compete against. No matter how you play, Angry Birds on your 2012 Samsung LED Smart TV will get the feathers flying.