Samsung Series 9 notebook

Rolls with the Punches

Light Enough to Move with You

Design Is in the Details

  • Brilliant LCD Display Design Creates Visual Impact: The bright, high-performance display calls no attention to itself—it is instead seamlessly integrated to the form.

  • Multi-touch Clickpad Provides Sophisticated and Intuitive Navigation: Featuring a new glass coating and image sensor, the button-less multi-touch clickpad is stylish and convenient. You can enjoy enhanced multi-touch awareness and better palm rejection, which means no more cursors disappearing or jumping out of place.

  • Backlit Keyboard Illuminates Your Workspace: The backlit keyboard is always easy to see regardless of the time of day or environment. A 3D image sensor accurately interprets simple finger movements such as pinch, swipe and rotate, so you can easily interact with your documents, images and applications.

As Stylish and Mobile as You