The Samsung CLP-775ND is a professional-grade colour laser printer that optimises the quality of your printout and operational costs. With FastSpeed printing performance and Easy Colour Manager, it works tirelessly to deliver vibrant colour printouts that are just right for your business.

Work better with Fast Speed printing performance

This is an innovative printer that is specifically designed to meet the challenges of business printing by managing multiple complex tasks with ease. With ultra-fast page per minute rates, users can enjoy professional results, increased productivity and reliable consistency, whatever the challenges presented by their workflow. The 600MHz Dual-core CPU processor combines with a convenient expandable memory option and enhanced connectivity to deliver an excellent business performance, allowing you to spend more time focusing on your work while this fast and flexible device deals with your printing jobs.

Your printing experience just got a lot more colourful

With astounding colour accuracy and flawless reproduction of premium 9600x600dpi quality, the CLP-775ND delivers truly striking results for your business, whenever you need them. You can easily adjust colour balance, brightness, contrast and saturation with the Easy Colour Manager and the enhanced CTD sensor, giving perfect, professional images. From monitor to page, you will remain in complete control of your print jobs, regardless of the demands of your business's workflow

Free your day with a reliable printing

Set your workday free from time-consuming and stress-causing printer blocks with Samsung’s anti-jam technology. Utilising a semi-retard roller, which provides a unique backward friction during the paper pickup process, your operation will see increases in productivity and even bigger reductions in work frustration. Common problems that often add to stress-levels, such as miss-feeding and multiple paper feeding from the cassette tray, will become things of the past. An impressive high monthly duty is one of the clear-cut and measurable benefits found with anti-jam technology, and will add to a more streamlined and reliable workflow. So, with Samsung anti-jam technology your printing operation can finally be hassle-free, efficient and reliable.

Reduce Workload With Easy Connectivity

The Samsung CLP-775ND laser printer connects everyone in your office to a single network, allowing professionals to maintain smooth, efficient printing operations. The Gigabit Ethernet interface enables you to connect the printer to this network, increasing performance and making better use of time. With a common printer for everyone there is no need to service multiple machines, saving your business time and money.

Simplify The Process of Printing

Our CLP-775ND printer is designed to communicate efficiently. Its LCD screen is double the size of most printers, with crystal clear lettering that makes it easy for you to read. Avoiding complicated abbreviations or error codes, it explains the status in language that is concise and easy to understand.

Meet work demands easily with heavier media handling

From everyday documents to important presentations, you always need to give your printing the handling it deserves. If you want to impress with not only high-quality results but also with the professional manner in which you complete the task, then your printer will need heavy media handling. When you combine the Main Tray (supports 163gsm), the Optional Tray (supports 163gsm*), and then the Mp Tray (supports 220gsm), your printing operation will easily handle even the heaviest of jobs. From specialty paper and thick stock to envelopes and cards…your printing will be trouble-free, cost-effective and a pure breeze.

Get more from every page with Duplex printing

Duplex printing is an essential feature that makes your business’s print workflow faster and morte economical. The CLP-775ND’s flexible range of options allows you to print in traditional duplex or in even more creative ways, including a double-sided booklet format. This saves you time, costs and waste, making your print operation more cost-effective while reducing its impact on the environment. In addition, selecting the duplex options is made easier with our intuitive user interface.

Speedy printing from the very first page

The CLP-775ND will improve efficiency in the daily operations of your business by bringing you a fast, superior printing solution. Our industry-leading first-page-out time ensures that the first printed copy is in your hands just 8 seconds after ready mode has been selected. The CLP-775ND not only prints at the astonishing rate of 33 pages per minute, but also provides consistently high-resolution results, offering a professional-grade service in your office. This amounts to considerable time and cost savings without ever compromising on quality.

Fed up with paper feeding?

Our large-capacity printer can manage multiple printing jobs without interruption. The CLP-775ND comes with a standard 600-page cassette with up to two 500-page optional cassettes for even large capacity paper handling, enabling your business to print in bulk with ease and without costly delays.

Take control of office documents with Secure Printing

Important documents can easily end up in the wrong hands, especially when work printers are shared among many users. With Secure Printing you can now keep your documents safe from prying eyes using a pin code, which prevents your documents from being printed until it has been entered. Once you have sent the job to the printer, you simply go to the printer, scroll down the user interface to find your particular file, and then authorise the print by entering in the pin code. This is a simple and effective way of keeping tight control over the circulation of important documents, while also minimising unnecessary printing.

Easy Colour Manager

The Easy Colour Manager function allows you to produce professional-looking documents more simply than ever. Users can effortlessly adjust a range of variables including colour balance, brightness, contrast and saturation for any image viewed on your monitor, saving you valuable time when reaching demanding, specific targets for your business, regardless of your particular requirements. This feature really allows you to maximise the potential of your devices, delivering superior results on a consistent basis.

Navigation Ring Key

The CLP-775ND’s Navigation Ring Key lets you stay firmly in control of all your print jobs, letting you work more efficiently than ever, even when handling multiple, complex print jobs. With its bright LED design, the user interface is extremely intuitive, displaying eleven different job status indicators, error warnings and consumable levels, meaning that you are always in control of the task at hand and able to work efficiently.

SyncThru™ Admin 6

SyncThruTM Admin 6's accessible interface allows businesses to install, manage and monitor all networked digital printers easily from a convenient central location, saving valuable time for your organisation. Our easy-to-read reports enable business users to analyse data in more detail.

SyncThruTM Web Service

Our innovative SyncThruTM Web Service saves you the time and hassle of having to install and manage extra software. It allows you to change printer settings, upgrade firmware and check your printer's status quickly and easily.

Expandable Memory

The CLP-775ND's built-in memory saves your business time. With 384MB of RAM as standard, it processes and prints jobs more quickly. Should your business require even greater printing power, you can upgrade the capacity to 896MB.

CounThru™ 3 Pro/Enterprise

Save your organisation time with our superior CounThruTM3 Pro/Enterprise interface. This feature means there is no need for business users to leave their desk. The printer delivers status reports, low toner warnings, error notifications, and even usage and customer billing summaries to your desktop.

Mobile Printing

You now have the opportunity to print directly from your smartphone with Samsung's amazing Mobile Printing technology. By simply installing the Samsung Mobile Print application onto your mobile devices, you can benefit from a one-click solution which allows you to print documents when you are away from your desk.

Barcode Printing

Keep track of operations with Samsung Barcode Solutions. From stock levels and product movements to membership cards and filing systems, you will increase productivity and reduce costly errors.