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The European School of Internet Professions (EEMI) has successfully integrated GALAXY Tabs into their educational infrastructure to innovate the teaching approach and give students greater security and independence.


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Customer Profile
EEMI (European School for Internet Professions)
An internet school that nurtures web experts
Office solutions included in the Galaxy Tab 10.1

GALAXY Tab 10.1
Business Solution
EEMI (Ecole Européenne des Métiers de l'Internet) is an educational institution that fosters web experts with progressive curricula, and provides a liberal and creative education to students by using Samsung GALAXY Tab 10.1 devices as high-tech educational tools.
  • • The necessity for high-tech educational tools that are appropriate for innovative education
    • Using mobile devices with excellent portability and connectivity
    • A demand for an OS with limitless web use

    EEMI required mobile devices that comply with the following three conditions: portability and connectivity so that students can work anywhere; an interactive function for teamwork; and high web usability for educational purposes.

  • • Introducing the GALAXY Tab 10.1
    • Web access via WiFi.
    • A flash function supported by the GALAXY Tab

    EEMI introduced the GALAXY Tab 10.1 so that students can work both at home and in the classroom.
    The GALAXY Tab 10.1 has remarkable portability and connectivity using WiFi to enable users to access the web from anywhere. In particular, the device provides a web browser that supports Adobe Flash, games, music and video player, an e-commerce function and the internet with no RIA limitations. That is why the GALAXY Tab10.1 is acknowledged to be a formidable educational device and has been selected for the EEMI curriculum.

  • • Ability to surf the web freely and do paperwork with the GALAXY Tab10.1
    • Sharing learning materials in digital format
    • Improves class efficiency via office solutions

    With the GALAXY Tab 10.1, EEMI professors and students can connect to the web and work wherever they may be. Furthermore, the mobile solution on the GALAXY Tab 10.1 improves the efficiency of the EEMI class. Learning materials are shared in digital format and checked using a PDF reader, and also work with Word, Excel and Power Point using Polaris Office. These features integrate a textbook and a laptop into one single device: the GALAXY Tab 10.1. Samsung provided 150 GALAXY Tab 10.1 devices, with keyboards for note-taking and plastic protective covers, to EEMI students for three years. As a result of this, Samsung has become a successful business partner with EEMI.