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The Ultimate In Script Recognition

Thanks to a successful collaboration with Vision Objects, GALAXY Notes now enjoy superior cursive script recognition with MyScript technology, giving customers greater flexibility and ease of communication when using their smartphones.


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Customer Profile
Vision Objects
The world’s best developer of cursive script recognition technology

Business Solution
Vision Objects, the world’s most advanced cursive script recognition technology developer, is providing MyScript technology to Samsung GALAXY Note. This is an opportunity to show off the latest cursive script recognition technology, in combination with Samsung’s excellent touch screen and stylus pen, to the wider world.
• The need to increase and develop performance alongside the growth of the mobile device market
• The necessity for a device that implements MyScript

The growth of the Smartphone and tablet PC market is an opportunity to expand the market for Vision Objects. MyScript supports more than 30 different languages, including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic and Hebrew, and is also available for major operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS and Linux. It is already recognised as the world’s best cursive script recognition technology.
• Integrating the Samsung GALAXY Note stylus pen with touch screen technology

Users can make the optimal use of cursive script recognition through the M2M interface by integrating Samsung GALAXY Note devices with Vision Objects MyScript technology. MyScript technology can recognise any handwriting, as well as shapes and mathematical formulae, as it is designed using millions of writing samples from all over the world.
• Embedded into the major functions of Samsung GALAXY Note devices

The combination of Samsung’s outstanding touch screen and stylus pen technology with MyScript technology enables effective use of the high-powered cursive script recognition functions, such as the S memo and S planner functions in the GALAXY Note. As a result, the GALAXY Note operates as an incredibly effective business device on which to jot down ideas quickly and easily. Currently, 70 GALAXY Note devices have been provided to all employees at Vision Objects headquarters.