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Case Study Every Step is Eco-Friendly

Throughout our products life cycle from development to disposal - we prioritise eco-friendly process..

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Case Study The A-Z of the Productive Office

Check out 26 ways to make your office more efficient in this definitive guide: everything from air conditioning to more Zzzz’s with productivity-boosting powernaps.

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Case Study Transforming shops, restaurants and hotels with technology

Intelligent, connected technology is profoundly transforming the customer journey in the retail, hospitality and restaurant industries. Businesses need to rise to the challenge.

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Case Study Introducing Samsung KNOX

Samsung KNOX is the comprehensive enterprise mobile solution for work and play. With the increasing use of smartphones in businesses, Samsung KNOX addresses the mobile security needs of enterprise IT without invading the privacy of its employees.

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Case Study An Overview of Samsung KNOX

Samsung KNOX is a new Android-based solution designed from the ground up with security in mind to address the perception of the current open source Android platform.

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Case Study Intermarché

French grocery retailer Intermarché uses a Samsung large format display (LFD) solution to communicate more effectively with customers in their stores.

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Case Study Waikiki

Samsung delivers an integration-ready visual display solution that enriches the shopper experience for the Waikiki Shopping Plaza.

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Case Study Heathrow T5

Only Samsung’s large-format display (LFD) range was broad enough to provide everything this project demanded. Not only could we deliver a full range of screen sizes, we could supply all the required variations of specification within each segment.

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