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Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync lets business professionals work more efficiently on the move by keeping them connected wherever they are. Based on HTTP and XML, this synchronisation protocol provides mobile phone users with secure access to their organisation's information via servers running Microsoft Exchange. By making emails, calendars, contacts and tasks available on mobile devices, this solution lets businesses increase productivity outside the office. Professionals can continue to work offline, thus avoiding costly interruptions if the connection is lost. Optimised to operate with high-latency, low-bandwidth networks, Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync does not require high-speed internet access to deliver quality performance. In addition, it is compatible with Server Message Block (SMB), which is required to enable Mobile Device Management (MDM), saving costs and facilitating large-scale deployments.
Reliable And Secure Mobile Business Solution
Reliable And Secure Mobile Business Solution
Comprehensive Personal Information Management (PIM) synchronisation provides flexible and reliable access to emails, contacts, calendars and tasks. Professionals can work from anywhere, increasing productivity thanks to seamless access to business data on the move. Exchange 2010 Support allows Internet Free/Busy (IFB) lookup, reply status and enhanced voicemail options that can flag important messages. Our comprehensive support policy helps to lower IT costs, while protection and performance capabilities help safeguard your organisation. Uninterrupted, secure access to your business's information is possible, letting users work efficiently and smoothly on the move.
• Provide lower IT costs with a flexible and reliable messaging platform.
• Reduce management risk by safeguarding businesses with protection and compliance capabilities.
• Increase productivity through anywhere access to business communications.