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Samsung enterprise solutions deliver an integrated customer retail experience, streamlining the whole retail process. The sophisticated Samsung Diningbook solution is changing the way we dine out. Now you can create electronic menus for the GALAXY Tab, replacing your printed table-top menus with a modern and user-friendly digital menu board.
A Vivid, Easily Readable Menu Viewer
A Vivid, Easily Readable Menu Viewer
Restaurants work hard to create an intimate ambience. Because the Samsung Diningbook Solution's vivid menu viewer is easy for customers to read, even by candlelight, there is now no need to compromise on atmosphere. With the Easy Edit, Simple Update feature, managers can update the menu with a single click. In addition, the Remote Menu Order System enables customers and waiters to order quickly and easily using their GALAXY Tab devices. With further development, restaurants may connect the order system with their POS, improving efficiency even further.
Offering Diners a Streamlined Service
Offering Diners a Streamlined Service
Restaurant service is streamlined with the Samsung Diningbook Solution, enabling you to focus on creating delicious dining experiences for your customers. The simple process allows your diners to read and order from the menu on their mobile devices. Your waiters use the same system to place orders to the chef, simplifying the whole experience for you and your clientele.
The Samsung Diningbook Solution's interactive and colourful user interface means your customers will no longer struggle to read the menu in dimly lit rooms. Its sophisticated and customisable features enable you to differentiate your restaurant from your competitors. You can also reduce your costs by merging the wine, food and beverage menus into one application on the GALAXY Tab. This eco-friendly solution is sustainable and cost-effective, reducing paper and printing costs and enabling easy updating. With 36 languages supported, you can implement this solution almost anywhere in the world.