Samsung Pop In Zone

Samsung enterprise solutions deliver an integrated customer retail experience, streamlining the whole retail process. The Samsung Pop In Zone Solution is an attractive tool for retailers wishing to promote products and services using push notification technology. Location-based information from Android smartphones allows you to reach customers in your service zone easily. By providing relevant information to consumers, retailers can ensure targeted promotion of shops or products, increasing sales and achieving goals.

Key Feature

Simple-To-Use Promotion Solution

The Samsung Pop In Zone enables retailers to promote their products to shoppers in one convenient, easy-to-use solution. The client application provides zone detection and ticker notification, and the beacon tool is simple to install. Save time and effort with the authoring tool, which is a user-friendly content and venue management feature.
Service Scenario

Target Shoppers More Effectively

The Samsung Pop In Zone solution makes it easy for retailers to connect with shoppers. Location-based information from customers' Android-based smartphones helps the service beacon to locate customers in your service zone. Using the Authoring Tool to manage content, you can then provide them with personalised, targeted information, such as offers, events or coupons to help achieve your promotional goals.


• By running the Pop In Zone feature just once, the SVC connection accesses various applications or websites without having to run other apps • The Authoring Tool conveniently enables you to create content such as brochures or coupons for your shops and pass it on to shoppers' devices • Retailers can equip the beacon quickly and easily so the new SVC detects more potential customers in your Pop In Zone • With advertisements to suit the time and weather, shoppers receive personalised and targeted information • Thanks to the UX, these promotions will not be seen as spam, making your campaigns much more effective

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