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Why Samsung

We’re dedicated to achieving complete satisfaction for our business customers.
Proven, award-winning products combine with leading business solutions to provide simple answers to complex customer challenges.

Why choose Samsung Printers?

As a truly global organisation with an extensive range of award-winning products and a firm commitment to eco-friendly practice, it should come as no surprise that we are ranked second in the world for A4 mono and colour laser printing. Our highly competitive product range meets all business needs across mono, colour, single-function and multi-function laser devices. Especially, access to the A3 copier market was limited as only few manufacturers were able to develop, produce and sell to global customers. Today, Samsung has joined this group with its own original technology in the A3 copier sector, proving its technological leadership.

We are at a clear advantage in product development and quality performance thanks to our impressive record of investing in R&D, prioritising the development of user-friendly technology across our product range. This gives us the edge in terms of innovation, as our superior product design and performance — alongside the highest quality Services, Solutions and Supplies — ensure our customers are always offered the complete package.

At Samsung, our aim is to give you the confidence to go about your business successfully. While printing remains a key investment for any organisation, we take a holistic approach when it comes to making sure that you feel fully supported by our products and services.

Confidence in Great Performance

We deliver more than just a product. We deliver reliable and compatible devices that meet stringent and ever-increasing security demands across a variety of industries.

Confidence in Economic Efficiency

Providing you with affordable products is just the start. With a range of tools, we aim to deliver a clear overview of your costs as well as advice on how to reduce them. In addition to intelligent management of your finances, we also ensure that product efficiency and strong business performance are guaranteed from the start.

Confidence in Simple Device Management

We offer user-friendly product features and intuitive interfaces so that your users get the most out of our products. Versatile utilities such as the Samsung Universal Print Driver or our Samsung SyncThru technology provide added convenience and enhanced productivity.

Confidence in a Tailored Solution

Our multi-level approach to servicing your requirements ensures that we deliver a complete solution. With a select group of third party providers using our open, powerful and flexible platform to develop technology that perfectly meets your unique business needs, we deliver a tailored solution whatever your organisation's individual circumstances.

Confidence in an Effective Service

We offer rapid and customised responses to all your non-standard service requests. Thanks to our in-house manufacturing team, we can direct customer requests straight back to our R&D department, ensuring a satisfactory result comes back to you at the earliest convenience. And once it is up and running, we can offer flexible service arrangements that extend way beyond our highly-regarded, standard service support contract.