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Full HD 1080p Playback: HD up-scaling

The Samsung K40 series offer Full HD image up-scaling and transfer when connected to HDTV and HD monitors via HDMI cable. The HDMI output is designed to transmit pure, uncompressed streams of digital data with 100% image integrity.


The premium Schneider Kreuznach lens is
equipped with an Optical Image Stabiliser which
guarantees precision images at all times. Minute
shifts in the lens compensate for unsteady hands
and jerky movements, eliminating image blur and
ensuring that your home movies are always clear,
sharp, and perfectly focused.

65x intelli-zoom

With its phenomenal 52x optical zoom and 65x Intelli-Zoom feature, the Samsung K40 let you get up close and personal even from far away. The premium Schneider Kreuznach lens is designed to perform with precision, delivering breathtaking detail and immaculate image integrity.


What's SSD

With the introduction of the Samsung SSD camcorder, everything you thought about traditional camcorders is now obsolete. With super storage, super speed, and super security, the SSD (Solid State Drive) outperforms other camcorders with ease, allowing you the freedom to make memories that last more than a lifetime.


The Intelli-Studio software is embedded rather than stored on CD ROM, enabling the Samsung K40 Series to be used with any PC, anywhere in the world. When the camcorder is connected to a USB port, the software automatically runs, allowing you to view, edit, and manage files from wherever you might be.


USB Charging

The convenient USB charge function allows you the K40 Series battery to be charged via USB port as well as DC power outlet. Simply connect the U10 to any USB port and it will begin to recharge, even as you use it.


Time Lapse Recording

The Time-lapse recording feature allows you to capture the passing of time. By shooting still frames at preset intervals, then putting them together to create a video file, this feature enables hours of footage to be condensed into minutes.


Animated Thumbnail

The animated thumbnails make file selection as simple as can be. As soon as you select a thumbnail, the image starts playing, allowing you to see what is in the file without having to enter full playback mode.


Face Detection AF/AE

Face Detection technology is a sophisticated image processing algorithm that automatically detects up to 5 faces within the frame, adjusting focus and exposureto make sure that your
video shows your subjectsin the best possible light.


i.Scene Mode

The i.Scene function provides you with specialised recording modes for a variety of seenes, making capturing perfect video footage easier than ever before.