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Small. Chic. Stunning

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Y EC-ST66ZZBDBIN SAMSUNG ST66 ST66 default$S2-Thumbnail$$S2-Thumbnail$$XXS-Gallery$$XXS-Gallery$$XXS-Gallery$$XXS-Gallery$$M-Gallery$$M-Gallery$$M-Gallery$$M-Gallery$ SAMSUNG ST66 Front Black SAMSUNG ST66 Right Angle SAMSUNG ST66 Dynamic SAMSUNG ST66 Back 3210494 5677884 5677886 5677887 default$M-Gallery$ SAMSUNG ST66 Front Black 4.0 Rating is 4 out of 5 stars 4 6.49 Best Buy Rs. 6,490/-* * Price subject to change without prior notification /in/consumer/camera-camcorder/cameras/compact/EC-ST66ZZBDBIN Y /in/consumer/camera-camcorder/cameras/compact/EC-ST66ZZBDBIN-reviews/consumer-reviews sentence With features like F2.5 brightness, 16.1 megapixels, the ST66 yields vividly detailed images. true Y Y button Buy from eStore link f_showOnlineRatailor event20 SAMSUNG ST66 buy now step1 no use purchase_indirect_online OTC_TOPIC_PL_QV_28 /in/consumer/camera-camcorder/cameras/compact/EC-ST66ZZBDBIN-dealerlocator Dealer Locator link f_showOnlineRatailor event36 SAMSUNG ST66 Dealer Locator Step 1 no use purchase_indirect_offline OTC_TOPIC_PL_QV_28 marketing topic:quick view Y samsungin INR
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