3 power nozzle

Intensive cleanliness with 3 nozzle

Better Energy Efficiency

Samsung dishwasher is ‘A+’ rated for energy efficiency, and ‘A’ rated for washing performance and drying efficiency. Get super-cleaner dishes with Samsung’s A+AA rated performance.

12L water consumption

- Samsung Dishwasher is designed to optimise the use of water during washing cycle. It washes every corners of dishes with 12 liters of water which is 5 liters less than the conventional, but the 12 liters of water never compromises washing performance.
- Samsung Dishwasher uses new inner design technology to improve water efficiency than Conventional.

More flexible design

Loading and unloading is easier thanks to upper racks with cup shelves and clips, plus removable tines on both upper and lower racks. You also get the flexibility of a two-piece silverware basket to organise utensils so they get even cleaner.

Auto program

- Samsung's Auto Wash cycle - make sure dishes get clean and minimises water and energy usage.
- The turbidity sensor senses food particles in the water and knows to stop when the rinse water is clean.

Easy Cleaning

M24 stainless steel model have been given a “easy cleaning” strength through special finish. Special finish helps resistance to fingerprints and soiling.

Steel tub speeds drying and resists staining

The beautiful and functional stainless steel tub resists staining and improves the drying function by holding in heat. It also cleverly conceals the heating element, which is both functional and practical, allowing you to wash and dry plastics on the lower rack.