Direct Cool

10 Year Warranty

Now durability and peace of mind come together. Your Samsung Direct Cool Refrigerator comes with an added advantage of 10 year warranty, like never before.  (Applicable on compressor, on 212 ltre & 230ltr models)

5 Star Rating

Samsung Direct Cool Refrigerators have been awarded a BEE 5 star rating, which makes them as one of the most energy efficient refrigerator series that saves electricity and running cost.

Stabilizer Free Operation

You don’t have to buy a separate stabilizer for our new range of Samsung Direct Cool Refrigerators as they are equipped with in-built stabilizers.

Sustains wide range of voltage fluctuations

You need not worry about high voltage fluctuations as the robust compressor of the new range of refrigerators can operate smoothly in such situations.

Cool Pack (4 Hours)

Samsung’s innovative Cool Pack delays the rise in temperature even when the power is off for 4 hours continuously. It maintains low temperature inside the fridge which safeguard your food from spoiling quickly even during power cut.

Base Stand Drawer

You can enjoy extra space at the base of the refrigerator to store items that don't need cooling like onions and potatoes.

Fresh Tech Kit

Eliminate bad odours with the unique FreshTech Kit of the new range of refrigerators. It absorbs the bad odour and keeps your refrigerator clean and odour-free while keeping the food, fruits and vegetables fresher for longer.

Toughened Glass Shelves

The strong glass shelves do not break even if you were to drop them on the ground. As they are free from heavy metals, it is completely safe to place certain dry foodstuff directly on them. They can also bear weight up to 150kg.

Chilled Room

Chilled Room gives you a smarter option for food storage by maintaining an optimal and constant temperature inside, retaining long lasting freshness.

Rust Resistant Body

Enjoy the service of these high performing refrigerators for a long time as they have been designed with a high gloss finish that is rust-resistant in nature.

Anti Fungal Door Gasket

Prevent the entry and build up of fungi and bacteria inside your refrigerator with the anti-fungal door gasket.

Fire Retardant Wires

Keeping in mind the fluctuating power situations in India and your safety, the new range of refrigerators are fire retardant and has been certified by UL International. These wires are durable and extremely safe to use.

Hidden Hinge with Clean Back

The slick-covered hinges provide clean, neat and a simple appearance while the clean back makes the product durable with a safety cover for the compressor, so that you can clean the back easily.

Lock & Key

You have the provision of keeping your refrigerator under lock and key, if and when required. It could be to prevent your kids from sneaking out delicious pudding behind your back.

Bar Handle

Designed for your convenience, the stylish bar handle will help you open the refrigerator door smoothly.

Stylish Crown Design

The stunning crown of the new range is an example of design aesthetics. While the inside of the refrigerator makes your life convenient, the outside makes it charming and glamorous.

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.