Space Max Technology

Samsung refrigerator gives you ample storage space of 890L while maintaining the same conventional dimensions. With the deeper, wider storage space lets you easily store bigger items conveniently. Using the latest technology, Samsung's reduced wall width means the external body size stays the same while the inner storage capacity expands and insulation stays strong.

Digital Inverter Compressor

Samsung’s refrigerator gives you the experience of perfect solution for guaranteed reliability, energy saving and minimal noise.

Twin Cooling plus™

With Samsung refrigerator, keep your food fresher for longer and reduce waste! Samsung’s cutting-edge technology, sets new standards in precise temperature control, cooling the refrigerator and freezer compartments individually. As a result, food stays fresh with optimal humidity.
Twin Cooling Plus™ operates two independent fans and evaporators for each compartment to maintain higher humidity and avoid air transfer.
With moisture caring Twin Cooling Plus™ technology, fruits and greens maintain the optimal humidity up to 70% and prevents odor mix

Coolselect Zone™

The CoolSelect Zone™ can flexibly adapt to your cooling needs with just the press of a button.

Dual Tower LED Lighting

Samsung's Dual Tower LED Lighting is not only a stylish addition to the refrigerator, but it brightly illuminates every corner of the refrigerator so it's easier to find items regardless of where they're stored.

Anti-virus Protector

One step forward from storing food in just a good condition, The cutting edge technology called ‘Fresh Doctor’ it sterilizes atmosphere inside of refrigerator and even eliminates germs remained on food and in container. It will lead you upper grade of healthy life.

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.