SAMSUNG Semi Automatic Washing Machines are specially developed for the distinct Indian conditions and are perfect choice for the Indian women. These technologically advanced machines incorporate Double Storm washing system that removes dirt and dust from clothes, thereby leaving them clean. Fresh and sparkling like new.

Double Storm pulsator

SAMSUNG has achieved stronger and deeper cleaning by combining horizontal and vertical water currents within the washing machine drum.

What is Double Storm pulsator and how it works?
The outcome of SAMSUNG’s revolutionary pulsator technology, Double Storm produces better results with a constantly variable and powerful water wave effect that moves clothes through the wash cycle without unnecessary entanglements. Double Storm with SAMSUNG’s new pulsator technology sets a new standard of cleanliness.

Inner Storm - Keeps clothes tangle-free as they move through the wash
Outer Storm - Makes use of the walls’ ridges to create a gentle washboard effect for more effective cleaning
Double Storm - Dual jets of water ensure a safe and gentle yet thorough wash to give you super clean clothes

The advantages of Double Storm Pulsator
Powerful dual water jets for thorough cleaning
• Dual jets of water from independent pulsators create multi-dimensional water currents to ensure deep cleaning

Tangle-free clean with unique pulsation
• Inner and outer blades rotate to create 2 powerful water currents
• Tornado like currents enhance washing and rinsing power
• Clothes do not get tangled, knotted or twisted

A new spin on washing
• Revolutionary innovation in washing technology
• Powerful pulsating technology coupled with an innovative ridged inner drum enables cleaner results with less damage to clothes

super dry technology with a 10 minute Spin Dry Timer

• India’s 1st Washing Machine range with the revolutionary Super Dry technology
• 10-minute Spin Dry Timer (5 minutes longer than other washing machines)
• Powered to achieve the best possible drying, even in winters and during monsoon

electro-mechanical wash timer

When power comes back after a power cut, this electro-mechanical wash timer enables the machine to start the washing cycle exactly from where it had stopped.

Air Turbo Drying System™

• A powerful motor rapidly rotates the machine’s drum to pull more water out of the load and reduce drying time
• This turbo power combined with the dual air intakes (that draw in more air), ensures really speedy drying, which saves you valuable time

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.