WF0602WKQ Samsung's Front Loading Washing Machine offer a superior and futuristic washing experience. Clothes are sparkling clean with its Bubble Wash Technology, Air Wash Feature ensures cleanliness and gentle fabric care without using water. Unique Diamond drum and wool wash keeps your clothes sparkling clean without shrinkage or tattering and Volt Control protects the machine from voltage fluctuant to ensure efficient operation and long a machine life. 0 5 0 reviews

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MRP ₹ 35 990.00*


  • 5 Years Warranty on MOTOR
  • 5 Years Warranty on MOTOR
  • Eco Bubble Wash
  • Ceramic Heater & Volt Control
  • Diamond Drum

Diamond Drum

Diamond Drum
Imagine taking the world’s best minds and high-performance computers to design a washing machine drum that could not only remove deep-seated dirt but also do it gently enough to handle a wide variety of fabrics. Samsung has produced the next evolution in drum design to more efficiently use water with a unique series of diamond-like depressions. A cleaner, gentler washing experience. The unique drum with smaller holes ensures a tangle free wash with 79% less fabric damage.
• Smaller holes means no fabrics stick out.
• This leads to less wash related damage.
• Gentler action ensures a safer wash.
• Tests prove that textile area exposed to the harmful effects of washing by conventional washing machine drums has been reduced by a tremendous 79%.

Ceramic Heater

Ceramic Heater
Ceramic Heater is three times more durable as regular heaters. That saves you money on repairs. No scale build-up due to hard water. Saves energy and time while heating the water.

Voltage Control

Voltage Control
Samsung’s Volt Control is an innovative technology that safeguards the washing machine from high levels of shock and even lower voltage. It provides consistent volt control and in turn protects the life of the machine. An additional protective measure in the washing machine also protects clothes as it controls the washing cycle even in unforeseen fluctuations and will automatically restart after power cuts.

Volt Control Circuit Board
• Urethane coated durable circuit of smart digital sensors.
• Located behind the washing machine to make sure water doesn’t leak in, preventing any electric shock.

No need to restart washing machine
• In sudden power failures, conventional washing machines simply stop without finishing the wash cycle, which can ruin clothes.
• Samsung washing machine automatically restarts from the same point after power returns.

Longer lasting washing machine
• Large deviations in voltage is a major reason for machine breakdown.
• Volt control keeps the Samsung washing machine working consistently for at least 10 years as compared to conventional machine.

More Durable and reliable washing machine
• Volt Control ensures that your washing machine works safely even with voltage deviations of 400Volt.
Volt Control ensures safe operation between 165V ~ 400V.

Eco Drum Clean

Eco Drum Clean
Samsung’s Eco Drum Clean is specially designed to remove buildup of detergent residue and dirt in the tub, diaphragm and door glass without special chemical detergent. This option maintains the drum hygiene by rapidly spinning 70℃ hot water.

Quick Wash

Quick Wash
Samsung’s 15 minute Quick Timed Wash program is the best solution for your busy life. This great program washes your favourite clothes in 15 minutes! Also you can freely select the cycles between 15 to 60 minutes for perfect fast washing even with less damages. With Samsung’s outstanding program, you can wash the clothes easily, quickly and conveniently according to your time needs.

Wool Mark

Wool Mark
This exceptional program safely and gently cleans your favourite woolen garments, guaranteeing the effective laundering of your washable woolen apparel with care. Plus, Samsung enhanced its washing performance for special wool care which delivers even better and safer cleaning ever.
Bubble Wash

Bubble Wash

Why Eco Bubble Technology?
Samsung’s latest Eco Bubble Technology provides 3 perfect solution of best washing performance, perfect fabric care, and great energy saving at once. It maximized the performance of washing machine in a smart way like you’ve never experienced before!
How Eco Bubble Technology Works?
The Eco Bubble Technology generates bubbles by dissolving detergent with air and water before the normal cycle begins. The perfectly dissolved detergent penetrates into fabric quickly, evenly and deeply! Samsung Eco Bubble Technology lets detergent to be distributed evenly and deeply penetrates into fabric 40 times faster than high concentration liquid. The completely dissolved detergent helps fabric to be thoroughly rinsed out without remaining detergent residue or stains.
Energy Saving
Samsung’s Eco Bubble Technology saves extra energy used for heating the water by enhanced washing performance in low temperature. You can see better washing performance in 15°c eco bubble wash than conventional 40°c wash. When you select Super Eco Program, you can save energy around 70% in cold wash without compromising washing performance compare to normal 40℃ wash. This results are mainly due to powerful wash performance of Samsung Eco Bubble Technology.
Stronger on Performance, Gentle on Clothes
Pre-washing or hot temperature washing to give better cleaning results add extra tumbling time or heat damage to fabrics, which is especially harsh for your favourite delicates like silks, wools and outdoor garments. The Bubble generator creates a detergent infused Bubble Cushion during the washing cycle. The form dissolves deep into fabrics more quickly than normal, aiding wash performance in milder wash temperatures. The cushion also protects delicate clothes by providing a softer tumbling action.
Outdoor Wear Care (Special water repellent wear program)
Samsung’s Eco Bubble Technology delivers advanced fabric care as well as perfect cleanliness by minimizing damages even with water repellent wear. With less mechanic action and bubble cushion, you can clearly see the superiority of bubble care.

My Cycle

My Cycle
Everyone has their individual way of washing cycle for their own good. With Samsung’s My Cycle function, you’ll be free from frequently resetting the function as you need. You can memorize your favourite cycle including temperature, spin, soil level, and any options as you use often and recall the memory simply by pressing My Cycle button.

tech specs

Dimension of WF0602WKQ/XTL


  • Washer / Dryer


  • Diamond Drum


  • Voltage Control


  • Jog Dial



  • Washing Capacity



Standard Wash Cycle

  • Coloureds


  • Synthetics


  • Baby Care


  • Heavy Wash


  • Sport Wear

    Yes (Out Door)

  • Dark Garment


  • Jeans

    Yes (Demin)

  • Daily Wash



  • Ag+ Silver Wash


  • Color (Body/Door)

    White/White Deco with
    Silver Cover

  • DisplayType

    Wide Graphic Display+
    Centre Timer Display

  • Heater


Physical Specification

  • Dimension
    Net (WxHxD)

    600 x 850 x 530 mm


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