The SAMSUNG SCX-4521F makes paper access easy and creates an uninterrupted paper flow by easily fixing the papers in case of a jam.

4-in-1 laser MFP

The SAMSUNG SCX-4521F is an easy and affordable basic business printer for a small office and home office. With features like laser printing, colour scanning, digital copying and efficient faxing in one space-saving design, the SAMSUNG SCX-4521F four-in-one offers businesses class documents and improves your productivity.

easy paper jam clear

The SAMSUNG SCX-4521F makes paper access easy and creates an uninterrupted paper flow by easily fixing the papers in case of a jam.

one-touch toner save button

The toner save mode reduces toner consumption by about 25% and it gives you more images per toner cartridge. You can just push and save up to 25% of toner. The standard toners yield 3,000 sheets but using one-touch toner save button will get you 750 sheets more.

favourite and ID card copy

To use special copy feature simply press "favourite copy" button and find assigned special copy feature easily to can enjoy the special feature and save time. The SAMSUNG SCX-4521F ID copying feature allows copying of both sides of an ID or small document onto one sheet of paper to save paper and time.

high-resolution scanning

The SAMSUNG SCX-4521F scans colour documents at 4,800dpi with an enhanced quality. As a scanner, the SAMSUNG SCX-4521F colour scan shows good colour-matching ability and gradients, although the small fonts may disappear in places. Also, the monochrome scan reproduces the test photograph clearly, with good greyscale and sharp details.

efficient PC fax function

The SAMSUNG SCX-4521F is an efficient fax and sends a fax document directly from your PC through SamrThru 4 software. Just click the PC fax button on your computer and your fax is ready to be sent directly through your PC.

compact design

The SAMSUNG SCX-4521F takes up a tiny 14.5 x 17.2-inch square on your desk, standing only 14.5 inches high and weighing 10.4Kg. Its polished white-plastic shell makes your office look simple and refined. You get professional printing, scanning and flatbed copying in one space-saving device that helps you maximise your office space.

high performance

SAMSUNG SCX-4521F has a printing speed of 20 pages per minute. (ppm) for monochrome. As a copier, the SAMSUNG SCX-4521F performs equally as can copy 20 pages per minute. (cpm) with print.

toner cartridge

The SCX-4521F toner cartridge glides easily into place, reducing maintenance.

no wastage of time and paper

It is very convenient to copy both sides of the ID card to a single side of paper and hence it saves your time as well as paper.

advanced OCR function

OCR scans documents and transforms them into editable rich text. This function save you time with its electrical filing system.

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.