Designed for businesses that demand long-lasting value, the Samsung Series 2 notebook delivers superior reliability, security and power – at an affordable price. Its rugged, anti-shock Duracase Pro chassis is a safe haven for the very latest high performance technology – including Genuine Windows® 7 Professional* and an Intel® Core™ i5/i3* processor. It also incorporates an anti-reflective screen that’s up to 40% brighter than conventional displays, so it’s much easier to use for longer – even outdoors – without your eyes getting tired. Plus Samsung’s intelligent PowerPlus battery charging technology ensures that the battery retains 80% of its capacity for 3 times longer than a typical battery, making it more economical and environmentally friendly. And to optimize productivity there’s a range of ergonomic features, like a responsive keyboard that’s as comfortable as a desktop keyboard and a much larger touchpad with easy to use buttons. So for enduring reliability, performance and value the Samsung Series 2 notebook really is the business. * Factory option.

Engineered to last

Protect productivity and reduce costs with a robust Duracase Pro chassis, which incorporates a solid metal hinge and spill-resistant keyboard. They’re proven to protect the notebook against drops of 76cm, up to 500kg force on the display enclosure, and minor spills on the device. And the anti-shock HDD with free fall sensor can also survive drops over 76cm.

PowerPlus battery

Samsung's intelligent battery charging technology enables the battery to keep 80% of its original capacity for up to 1,000 recharges – that’s up to 3x longer than a typical battery, which is normally just over 300 cycles. Making our batteries more economical and environmentally friendly as fewer batteries need to be replaced over the lifecycle.

SuperBright LED Display

The anti-reflective LED display has no mirror effect and produces the sharpest images with 300nit brightness, which is up to 40% brighter than normal laptops. Get outstanding picture quality and text readability, even when you’re outdoors. And that means you can work longer without straining your eyes.

Powered to perform

Get things done fast with blistering processing power and graphics performance – using the latest Intel® Core™ i5/i3* processor technology and powerful NVIDIA graphics card* or Intel HD graphics. Experience faster office tasks and web browsing, even for the most demanding applications, and enjoy a more productive and a happier workforce.
* Factory option.

Always protected*

Enjoy complete peace of mind with a secure biometric Fingerprint Reader that protects your data without passwords and a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) that encrypts files and folders. Even if the notebook is lost or stolen powerful anti-theft software** lets you remotely track, control and lock the device.
* All security features are factory options.
** Anti-theft service fee applies.

Ergonomic assurance

Enjoy easier typing and fewer errors using a responsive ComfortErgo-Plus keyboard, ergonomically designed with optimized key sizes and spacing so it feels as comfortable as using a desktop keyboard. It also features a larger touchpad, that’s bigger than other notebooks, and an integrated TrackPoint so you can work even faster and smarter.

Fast Start

Instant on - get started within a few seconds of opening the display or pressing the power button. An innovative hybrid sleep mode combines the fast start-up of sleep with the stability of hibernation, so you don’t have to wait 30-60 seconds for the notebook to boot-up.

Quick and simple expansion

Save time and connect a range of other devices, such as a larger monitor, regular keyboard and mouse, printer and extra ports, with one simple click using the integrated docking station connector*. There's no mess of cables, so when you need to move just grab the notebook – and go!
* Optional full docking solution.

Connecting your business

Stay connected to your business on the go with integrated 3G* mobile broadband. You can also rapidly backup and share information using a high-speed USB 3.0* connection that’s 10x faster than USB 2.0. Or quickly access data from other devices with the integrated Express Card 34mm slot.
* Factory option.

Quality you can trust

Samsung manufactures up to 75% of our notebook components, using stringent quality control to ensure maximum performance and reliability. We’ve been voted "What Laptop" Best Laptop Manufacturer of the year, No.1 in "PC Pro" UK Customer Satisfaction (2007-2010), No.1 for Service & Support in Germany (2008-10) and No.1 for Service in China.

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.