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Front Load Washing Machine

Front loading washing machines have always been considered as tedious, cumbersome and energy wasters. However, the all-new range of front loading washing machines drom Samsung will change your viewpoint forever. Samsung takes a huge leap with its front loading washing machines as they include first-rate features and path-breaking washing technologies, which will leave your clothes ultra-clean and soft. 

Lead from the front with the front loader
Samsung front-loader washing machines are easy to load, simple to use and comfy on your clothes. Samsung surely leads from the front when it comes to fighting the toughest stains on your clothes and treating your fabrics with utmost care. Stay ahead with Samsung’s unique advantages, which are as follows

Bubbles of joy
Samsung’s front loading washing machines are equipped with the unique Eco-Bubble Technology.
This system offers the triple advantage of optimal washing performance, complete fabric care, and valuable energy saving simultaneously. The Eco Bubble Technology generates bubbles by dissolving detergent with air and water before the normal washing cycle begins. This helps the detergent to seep into your clothes faster, deeper and evenly. Hence you get a better wash even with the toughest of stains settling on your clothes. On the other hand,  the washing machine helps to clean your clothes at a lower temperature, which means energy savings and giving your fabric the perfect care as high temperatures can damage delicate fabrics like silk and wool. Samsung washing experience will leave you with smiles all around.

Diamond drum helps your cloths to last forever
Samsung washing machine’s Diamond Drum is the culmination of the world’s best expertise and computer engineering to fabricate a washing machine drum that removes embedded dirt and is soft and gentle for a wide variety of fabrics. What makes the drum distinct is its unique pattern of diamond-like depressions, which helps to use water efficiently and leaving your clothes as soft as new.

Quick Wash for a quick life
A busy life requires quick solution and that’s what Samsung offers you. Have an important meeting or date? Samsung front-loading washing machines solves your washing problems by offering the quick wash option, which helps to clean your clothes in just 15 minutes! Just load, wash and dry in a few minutes and your clothes are ultra-clean and soft for the occasion.

Be in complete control with Voltage Control
Samsung’s unique Volt Control technology helps to give your washing machine unbeatable performance without the fear of Voltage fluctuations. In a country like India where voltage fluctuation is prevalent in many parts of the country one can damage a washing machine. Thus the Voltage Control helps to regulate and protect the voltage especially in the process of the power cut. Thus not only your washing machine life increases but also the clothes inside.

With so many amazing options and features to choose from, be a front runner in washing your clothes with the front loading washing machines from Samsung.

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