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    edit and organise with magic

    Go ahead, make everyone jealous! Use the new and powerful editing features of the Samsung Galaxy Camera to turn your photos and videos into masterpieces.

  • Smart Content ManagerThe smartest way to edit and organize your photos!

    Who doesn't want to be free from the hassles of managing all that great content you created? The Smart Content Manager on your GALAXY Camera does it for you intelligently, creating folders, tagging faces, and more. You can even enjoy viewing your photos in a variety of ways, from a timeline to a unique magazine view. It also includes Photo Wizard, which packs an amazing set of 65 powerful editing features on board that let you edit professionally with ease while on-the-go.
  • Best Face Instantly rewind to the picture perfect moment!

    Missed the right look? With the Best Face feature that won't happen again. Use it to travel back in time after you've taken a picture to replace faces with the perfect moment. Use it to open eyes, replace a smile, or find that perfect expression. It's just magical!
  • Paper ArtistTurn your photos in artful sketches!

    Running on the powerful Android 4.1 OS, the GALAXY Camera gives you full access to the world of premium Android apps, like Paper Artist, which comes pre-loaded. Express yourself freely with a variety of artistic effects to creatively recompose the beautiful images into stunning sketches. Select from a range of filters to add texture and shading, decorate with assorted layers and frames, and compose handwritten notes directly onto the image.