Jan 29, 2013

• Digital Inverter of Frost Free Refrigerators and 2013 lineup of Air Conditioners launched


Chennai, January 29, 2013: Samsung Electronics, a global leader in digital convergence technologies, today announced its plans to strengthen its Home Appliance business by launching its new Digital Inverter Series of Frost Free Refrigerators and its 2013 range of Air Conditioners. Speaking about the new products, Mr. Rajeev Bhutani, Head - Home Appliance Business, Samsung India said, “The new 2013 Smart Home Appliance range has been developed keeping in mind the needs of Indian consumers. Given the growing consumer preference for energy efficient home appliance products, Samsung now offers the largest range of 5 Star rated Frost Free Refrigerators in the Indian market. The Digital Inverter Series is India’s first Frost Free refrigerator range with Digital Inverter Compressor (DIC) that comes with a 10 year warranty.”

Digital Inverter Series of Frost Free Refrigerators
Samsung’s new Digital Inverter Series offers enhanced durability, convenience and smarter energy savings. This series is one of the most energy efficient refrigerator ranges in the country, thereby ensuring savings on electricity and running costs. Incorporated with the Digital Inverter Compressor, that utilises a smart controller and five convenient RPM speeds, the Digital Inverter Series delivers up to 40 percent more energy efficiency while significantly reducing noise. The compressor precisely adjusts cooling performance based on daily refrigerator use and temperature levels, both internal and external. These technologies maximise the freshness of food and reduce overall carbon dioxide production, a smart solution to reduce energy consumption while preserving the environment. With a strong compressor that can stably operate despite high fluctuation of voltage (110V to 300V) even at 50°C, the new Digital Inverter Series eliminates the need of a separate stabiliser providing better energy efficiency while saving on space. Samsung’s Digital Inverter Compressor comes with a 10-year warranty, a world’s first for refrigerators.

In keeping with the requirements of the Indian market, the new range is equipped with the innovative convenience features such as ‘Coolpack’ that delays the rise in temperature when the power is off and prevents food from spoiling quickly even during a blackout lasting 8 hours. Given the increasing consumer preference for larger fridge space, the Series’ freezer to fridge ratio has been adjusted to 25:75 to give bigger fridge space. An ‘Easy Slide Out’ shelf has also been specially designed to slide out to 170mm enabling a more efficient organisation, while reducing unused space inside. And the range also offers the convenience of a movable vegetable box, which can be raised to a desired height, lessening the inconvenience of bending to take out food. Both shelves can store up to 40kg of vegetable and fruit.

Other clever built-in features include a specialised Multi Storage Basket for health and beauty care products, a Moist Fresh Zone that controls the air circulation to maintain optimal humidity; a Water Dispenser located at waist height for easier access to water; a Quick Cooling mode that reduces waiting time for cooling all with a touch of a button; and ergonomically designed front and side Recessed Handles for effortless opening. The range also offers a differentiated floral ‘Orcherry’ design in Peach Silver, Garnet Red and Pearl Black in addition to Real Stainless, Platinum Inox, Metal Graphite colour patterns. With the launch of the 26 new Frost free models, Samsung total Frost Free refrigerator range has 45 models priced between Rs.17,150/- to Rs. 179,000/-. The Digital Inverter Series is available in 253L, 275L, 321L, 345L, 393 L and 415L capacities, priced between Rs 20,500/- to Rs 49,500/-. “We are looking at Frost Free refrigerators contributing to 35 percent of our total refrigerator sales in this year,” said Mr. Bhutani.

Air Conditioner Range
The Samsung 2013 Split Air Conditioner range has 29 BEE Star Rated Split AC models including three models in the all new Smart Inverter series. These 29 models make-up the seven Samsung Air Conditioner series namely Smart Inverter, S-Crystal+, S-Purista, Crystal+, Crystal, Purista and Max Series. Mr. Bhutani said “Our 2013 Air Conditioner range combines world-class cooling technology with energy efficiency, which is aptly communicated by our proposition of ‘Samsung On. Savings On. Our ‘Inverter Series’ of Air Conditioners, for example, are uniquely designed with Smart Inverter technology to ensure perfect cooling while ensuring substantial savings on electricity bills.”

The triple benefit of Samsung ACs entail energy savings, uninterrupted comfort and durability based on features such as VirusDoctorTM, Full HD Filter, Tropicalised Rotary Compressor, Turbo Cooling and Stabiliser Free operations. Samsung’s Smart Inverter technology gives you powerful, speedy cooling with minimum electricity consumption, so you can reduce energy waste and save money. Smart Inverter technology enables you to save upto 60 percent energy when the AC is on, and consumes almost zero standby power when the AC is off.

Samsung’s Virus Doctor with SPI (S-Plasma ion) technology which is incorporated in a Samsung Air Conditioners provides clean air by eliminating more than 99.99% of harmful micro organisms, guarantees contamination-free indoor air and is proven to be effective against SARS and H1N1. The In-built stabiliser in the Samsung Air Conditioners regulates voltage (from 135V to 290V) during power surges to keep the Air Conditioners working fine all the time. It also lets the user have uninterrupted comfort and cool fresh air without sacrificing interior style. With the Tropicalised Rotary Compressors, Samsung Air Conditioners provides incredibly powerful performance and quickly brings greater comfort even in severely hot weather. The compressor has been strengthened to provide stable operation even at extreme temperature of 52°C.

Furthermore, the entire 2013 Samsung Split Air Conditioner lineup comes with unique solutions such as the Full High Density Filter that offers improved filtration to remove small dust particles thus transforming polluted air into clean air. Adding to the advantages in the Samsung Air Conditioner are Turbo Cooling that ensures fast and even cooling within minutes even in extreme temperatures and Bio Sleep, a useful feature that enables sound sleep as it maintains an ideal temperature required at every sleep stage. Additionally, Samsung Air Conditioners are equipped with the innovative Multi Channel Condenser technology, which cools the refrigerant faster than a conventional condenser, thus resulting in a quicker and more efficient cooling process. It’s special anti-rust coating results in a longer life, while it’s innovative design, which contributes to a smaller outdoor unit, enables it to perform effectively while saving energy too. “Based on our new, health friendly and energy efficient range of Samsung Air Conditioners, we are looking at a 50 percent jump in our Split Air Conditioners volumes this year, with the 5 Star rated models expected to contribute around 30 percent of the total Air Conditioners volumes,” said Mr. Bhutani.

The Samsung Air Conditioner range has models which are priced in the range between Rs 23,100/- to Rs 60,990/- (available in 1.0T, 1.5T and 2.0T capacities) across its seven Series.

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