T27A750 Extreme 3D entertainment is ready to be unleashed with the Samsung HDTV Monitor TA750. Featuring a slim design with sophisticated straight lines, sharp accents and a narrow bezel, the TA750 monitor puts you deeper into every scene. And by knocking down the traditional boundaries, the TA750 has opened up a new platform where HDTV, PC and AV content exists on one screen. The TA750 also integrates applications such as Smart Hub, AllShare, ConnectShare and picture-in-picture with the Ultra Clear Panel and Photo Accuracy 10037‡, for a new level of experience. Add to this 3D HyperReal Engine and 3D Converter, and you have an Extreme 3D Experience with unlimited connectivity on the one HDTV monitor.

Riciclo responsabile delle batterie

  • La Direttiva europea sulle batterie e gli accumulatori mira a minimizzare l'impatto di batterie sull'ambiente e incoraggia il recupero dei materiali che contengono. Nel Regno Unito, le normative sul riciclo di batterie e accumulatori (batterie ricaricabili) sono state introdotte nel 2009. Le normative sullo smaltimento delle batterie mirano ad aumentare in modo significativo la raccolta e il riciclo nel Regno Unito di batterie portatili usate dal 3% nel 2007 al 25% entro il 2012, con aumento ad almeno il 45% nel 2016.

  • Il simbolo della batteria su un prodotto o sulla sua confezione indica che il prodotto non deve essere smaltito con i rifiuti domestici generici. È responsabilità del consumatore smaltire le proprie batterie in un punto di raccolta designato in modo che possano essere riciclate. La raccolta separata e il riciclo di batterie al momento dello smaltimento aiuterà a conservare le risorse naturali e garantire che vengano riciclate in un modo che protegge la salute umana e l'ambiente. Un elenco completo di centri di riciclaggio di batterie può essere ottenuto da: www.recycle-more.co.uk

  • Tutti i prodotti Samsung che sono soggetti alla Direttiva sulle batterie sono conformi ai Requisiti su batterie e accum ulatori del Regno Unito. Secondo la legge nazionale, SAMSUNG Electronics (UK) Ltd è membro di uno schema di conformità di produttori di batterie approvato. Questo schema raccoglie, tratta e smaltisce le batterie per conto di Samsung.


  • 1. 3D ExperienceTransform your desk with 3D HTV monitor.2. ConnectivityWith AllShare and ConnectShare, enjoy the ultimate multimedia hub. 3. HDTV MonitorFinally, all your HDTV, AV and PC content on one Samsung monitor. 4. Picture QualityStunning extreme 3D experience standouts with enhanced picture quality.

See the next level with the 3D HyperReal Engine

Samsung achieve the very highest standard in Extreme 3D imaging through its intuitive 3D HyperReal Engine. It is a brain-like technology that allows Samsung HDTV Monitor TA750 to control features like colour, contrast, 3D effects and motion for mind blowing results. Full HD 3D visuals are so life-like and crystal-clear that they ensure that your experience is not only captivating but also comfortable.

Enjoy unlimited connectivity with Samsung AllShare

Simply connect your Wi-Fi Dongle to your HDTV Monitor TA750 and bring your wireless multimedia world to life with Samsung built-in AllShare. This allows you to wirelessly stream content from your digital devices onto your monitor without needing to install any programmes. If you do not have a dongle, no problem… simply use the wired networking. So, everything from movies, pictures and music files can be wirelessly streamed onto your monitor from your devices straight away and with minimal fuss.

Magic Angle Vertical delivers perfection every time

The Samsung HDTV monitor TA750 feature the Magic Angle Vertical to deliver a picture-perfect screen even when not viewed from directly in front. This means that you can watch your monitor sitting down, standing up or lying on the couch and still enjoy a great view. And with 20 different angle steps (10 up and 10 down) you will always have a choice to match your position. So, when watching with Magic Angle Vertical, which is even also specialised for HDTV, it feels like you’re always standing right in front of the screen… even if you aren’t.

See 2D in a new dimension with a 3D converter

Enjoying 2D images in 3D may seem like a fantasy, but with Samsung it is a brilliant reality. At the push of a button Samsung 3D Converter transforms your favorite TV programmes or movies with amazing 3D-depth. It will reinvent your favourite 2D content. And with the 3D visual adjustment feature, you can even customise your 3D experience to match your particular likes. It is a new level of visual comfort.

Smart Hub apps enhance your monitor experience

Samsung Smart Hub is capable of so much more when used in conjunction with the HDTV monitor TA750. Utilising a wireless dongle or LAN connection, the wide variety of content, including 100s of apps, is now available without even having to turn on your laptop or PC. This also includes accessing your social network sites such as Facebook and Twitter, letting you update and check for the latest news. This new level of convenience and access is an industry first and will quickly change the way you interact with your monitor. So, turn on to a new world with your HDTV monitor TA750.

Multitasking is a breeze with PIP technology

Realise the full potential of picture-in-picture technology with Samsung HDTV monitors. They welcome in the latest user needs by combing content from TV, PC and audio devices. Its great versatility allows for a more efficient way of working but also a more comfortable lifestyle. Multitasking is taken to a new level, where working on documents while watching TV is so simple to do. So, enjoy the freedom to watch what you want, when you want to with Samsung’s brilliant picture-in-picture capabilities.

See a brighter, more immersive 3D Experience

With 1.5x better brightness, the TA750 Extreme 3D Experience is ready to open your eyes to stunning new visuals. Utilising Samsung built-in emitter and 3D Active Glasses, images appear more vibrant and noticeably brighter. Other advancements that set the Samsung HDTV Monitor TA750 apart from other monitors are the panel backlight, which activates only when the Shutter is closed. Thus optimising the 3D Experience and also saving on energy output.

Plug in and watch your content with ConnectShare

If you just can’t wait to see you digital content, whether it is your movies, pictures or music, then don’t waste your precious time and make the most of ConnectShare. By simply connecting your memory device HDD or USB) to your HDTV monitor TA750 via the USB port, ConnectShare lets you view your content without having to turn on your PC or laptop. It is all about letting you just enjoy your content, and is just another way the TA750 brings convenience to your day.

Achieve more with loads on input support

If you like to multitask, then the HDTV monitor TA750 is your perfect partner. With space for up to 7 devices, you can streamline your work without the trouble of having to juggle your various devices. It is like your very own media centre. The various input support includes 2 HDMI, composite, component, and 2 USB inputs. This means that devices such as laptops, PCs, DVD and Blu-ray players and games consoles can easily connect directly to your HDTV monitor. So, with the HDTV monitor TA750 you can realise a smarter and more efficient way of life.

Boost your 3D visuals with a 3D Sound System

Treat your ears to Samsung‘s superior and true 3D surround sound. Featuring SRS Theatre Sound HD, with Dolby Digital Plus Pulse and DTS technology for increased compatibility, the TA750 Monitor consistently delivers the highest sound quality to compatible devices such as external speakers. Through the SRS system and its “invisible” speakers, you can enjoy the benefits of true 3D surround sound. It is the perfect match for your 3D visuals. And with external speaker sound system, you can really wow the senses with 3D sounds that will envelop you.

See true colours with Photo Accuracy 100%

Nothing beats true-to-life clarity and colour. Samsung Photo Accuracy 100% ensures that your captured moments, whether on digital camera or camcorder, are represented exactly as you remember them. The Photo Accuracy distinguished itself with its sRGB colour, which is the standard colour of digital devices, such as monitors, digital cameras and scanner, and brings your captured moments to life without the annoying distortions. . The HDTV monitor TA750 screen reproduces colour for crystal clear, realistic images and is the perfect way to relive precious memories.

Take in richer pictures with Ultra Clear Panels

Don’t settle for a viewing experience that is hampered by unnecessary reflections and poor contrast ratio. Samsung HDTV monitor TA750 offers a perfect viewing experience with its Ultra Clear Panel. The vibrant and rich images are created through the panel’s ability to avoid diffused reflections from external light, such as sunlight, thus minimising glare. The result is a superb picture quality that is sharper and high in contrast ratio, revealing deeper blacks and brighter colours. It is a dynamic visual experience that you’ve been waiting for.

Upgrade to the next level with Mega Dynamic Contrast

Experience amazing new levels of colour, brilliance and picture quality through the very latest in Mega Dynamic Contrast Ratio. The Samsung HDTV monitor TA750 delivers images so real-to-life that it will transform your whole viewing experience. Packed with breathtaking 5,000,000:1 contrast ratio, the highest level currently available, the TA750 ensures that blacks are at their absolute darkest and (with pristine whites) colours are at their brightest. You will immediately notice the crystal clear picture and its unbelievable intensity. It is like an explosion of colours and leaves other screens seeming dull in comparison.


Dimensioni di LT27A750EX/EN


  • Serie



  • Formato


  • Tipo

    LED / Si

  • Risoluzione


  • Motore ottimizzazione immagine

    DNIe + 3D HyperReal Engine

  • Velocità dei fotogrammi

    120 Hz

  • Rapporto di contrasto


  • Luminosità

    300 cd/ m2

  • Tempo di risposta

    3 ms

  • Angolo di visualizzazione (orizzontale/verticale)

    170°/ 160°



  • Auto Motion Plus 100Hz



  • Soluzioni sonore

    Dolby Digital plus pulse, dts2.0, SRS TheaterSound HD

  • Uscita audio (RMS)

    7 W X 2

  • Woofer



  • Ricezione DTV

    DVB-T/ T2/ C

  • Sintonizzatore integrato DTV


  • MHP/MHEG (versione)

    MHEG (1.0.6)


  • Ingresso component (Y/Pb/Pr)


  • Slot CI


  • Ingresso composito (AV)

    1 (uso comune per Component Y)

  • Speciali

    Si / 2

  • HDMI


  • Ingresso/uscita audio

    Si / 1 (uso comune per uscita PC Audio) / 1 / 1 (uso comune per ingresso PC Audio) / 1

  • D-Sub


  • Ingresso RF


  • Ingresso RF (ingresso satellite)


  • Scart


Ingressi e uscite



Caratteristiche generali

  • Samsung 3D


  • Modalità Hotel


  • 3D Sound (TV)


  • Auricolare wireless


  • Smart@TV


  • Supporto applicazioni telecomando


  • PVR estesa


  • Allshare (con tecnologia DLNA)


  • ConnectShare™ (USB2.0)


  • RUI


  • Wi-Fi integrato


  • EPG


  • Televideo


  • Lingua OSD

    29 lingue

  • Digital Noise Filter


  • BD Wise


  • InstaPort S


  • Equalizzatore ambientale, Auto Sound Calibration (ASC)


  • Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC)


  • Ricerca automatica dei canali


  • Spegnimento automatico


  • Livellatore automatico del volume


  • Sottotitoli


  • Orologio e timer di accensione/spegnimento


  • Modalità Gioco


  • Picture-In-Picture (PIP)

    1 Tuner PIP

  • Timer spegnimento


  • Fermo immagine



  • Alimentazione elettrica

    AC100 - 240 V 50/ 60 Hz

  • Consumo energetico

    Typical 70 W / Max 80 W

  • Consumo energetico (standby)

    < 1,5 W

  • Classe di efficienza energetica



  • Dimensioni set con base (LxAxP)

    63,1 x 45,3 x 19,1 cm

  • Dimensioni confezione (LxAxP)

    71,3 x 52,8 x 22,6 cm


  • Peso set senza base

    4.5 kg

  • Peso set con base

    7 kg

  • Peso confezione

    9.6 kg


  • Altri
    Occhiali 3D (accessori in dotazione)


    Modello telecomando


    Batteria (per telecomando)


  • Cavi

    No / Adattatore esterno / HDMI con cavo HDMI / Si


  • Colore


  • Funzioni stand

    No / Si

  • Montaggio a parete


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