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  • A man and a woman are standing in front of a digital wall display of stock indexes and viewing a tablet with additional information. A man and a woman are standing in front of a digital wall display of stock indexes and viewing a tablet with additional information.


    See how Samsung can help you enhance your financial services to meet the growing demands of digitally savvy customers.


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  • Smart Branch

    Smart Branch

    Create an immediate, seamless, personalized and paperless branch with Samsung's Smart Branch offering

    • Inspire customer confidence by providing the best in-branch experience.
    • Optimize in-branch operations to cut costs and boost productivity.

    would like to speak face to face with advisors when purchasing banking products1

    1Accenture (2014)
    A customer is viewing the digital wall display at his bank branch as he waits his turn with the teller.
    Attract and welcome customers using rich, dynamic content
    Waiting time at the bank can be time well spent with the Samsung Video Wall with MagicInfo solution. This seamless video wall display, featuring a clear and vibrant exterior, greets and attracts incoming customers. The lingering customer is rewarded with dynamic, stimulating content on a vivid interior display. The strategically managed content can be customized to the needs of the branch, keeping customers informed and engaged from the moment they enter the branch, and enhancing the overall in-branch experience for the customer.
    A bank employee is using the kiosk at the entrance of the branch to show a customer a map of the bank, marked with the locations of branch staff.
    Guide customers toward the products and services that they need
    Proactive customers don't have to wait for staff, because guidance on the array of products and services on offer is easily had when presented through an intuitive and responsive digital display. Customers have the option of requesting in-person advice, but may find that their requirements are fully met with Samsung Interactive Display with MagicIWB, which can help customers organically discover the product that fits their needs. Meanwhile, the Samsung Galaxy Tablet with security platform KNOX ensures peace of mind for the customer, with embedded data security and theft detection.
    Bank customers are receiving a remote consultation from an expert staff member via video conferencing on the smart TV and tablet.
    Provide interactive expertise and advice with increased flexibility and availability
    The Galaxy Tablet comes in when a customer with specific needs wants to move beyond a digital guide to a personal consultation. Staff can use the device to retrieve information on the customer and present personalized solutions from an e-catalog of products, for a session that leaves all parties satisfied. The Galaxy Tablet can also connect customers to staff with specific expertise via video conferencing, while the Smart TV enables high-definition, multi-party video conferencing. Use the Wi-Fi Printer with Cloud Print & Scan to Printer to print, scan and send any necessary documents.
    A customer is using a tablet equipped with digital account services to complete a transaction without staff assistance.
    Self-directed digital account services for new and current customers
    Whether it's a seasoned customer who can afford to skip ahead, an especially busy customer attending to last-minute business, or a neophyte exploring branch options, Galaxy Tablet with MagicIWB and e-Signature solution can help customers help themselves. User-friendly and multipurpose, this enhanced mobile banking offering allows customers to browse products, scan documents, complete banking transactions, and put a digital signature on their transactions. Best of all, the customer can do this without relying on staff.
  • Bank in the Device

    Bank in the Device

    Achieve engaged and proactive customer interaction by delivering on a branch-like mobile experience

    • Increase mobile banking traffic with devices and solutions optimized for digital banking.
    • Retain customers with consistent and intimate experiences.
    • Create new revenue streams through smart, comprehensive mobile banking solutions.

    are sold via the branch1

    1Accenture, The Digital Disruption in Banking (2014)
    A consumer is using Samsung Pay on her mobile device to make a payment without any need for card or cash.
    Expand the customer's everyday mobile payment presence through Samsung
    Gone are the days of fumbling for card or cash. Samsung Pay is a mobile payment solution that liberates customers from the physical and mental burden of paper and plastic and enables them to make payments almost anywhere, safely and easily. This triple threat functions at payment terminals that support NFC as well as Magnetic Secure Transmission, and protects users against fraud through biometric and tokenization technology. And with a payment process that only requires a swipe to open the app, a tap to select the card, and a fingerprint to verify, Samsung Pay is as efficient as it is secure.
    A customer is receiving a customized offer from his bank through the mobile banking sevices loaded onto his smart watch.
    Create consistent and intimate client relationships
    If mobile banking is about portability and convenience, your clients can enjoy true mobility with Samsung Gear, which allows users to wear their mobile wallets on their wrists. The Gear brings together an intuitive, hands-free banking experience and personalized marketing to help build strong, dependable relationships with the client. 3G connectivity and Bluetooth capabilities keep you close to your clients, enabling them access to a dedicated store for your bank's mobile applications. Customers can also receive notifications on customized offers, all without having to reach for their phone.
    A consumer is using his mobile device to purchase a smart TV after inputting his credit card information.
    Enable and increase uptake of mobile banking services
    The right combination of programs and offerings can lead to the tangible growth of mobile banking at your bank. Relevant promotions and loyalty programs can contribute to new enrollments and customer retention, while a potent B2B2C Device Financing Program will encourage device sales as well as the opening of new accounts. Keep the clients you attract with market-leading Samsung products customized to your needs, preloaded with mobile banking apps that offer a variety of banking and finance-related services.
  • Enterprise Mobility in Banking

    Enterprise Mobility in Banking

    Empower banking professionals with the tools to work securely and productively, anytime and anywhere

    • Promote customer loyalty by enabling mobile sales at any time and any place in a secure environment.
    • Guarantee enterprise-level mobile security with a certified, defense-grade solution.

    highlight mobile technology as an important tool for their businesses1

    1Accenture, CEO Briefing 2014: The Agenda for Insurance (2014)
    A bank employee is holding up a mobile device with a Samsung KNOX lock screen.
    Enable proactive customer service in a highly secured mobile environment
    Innovative mobile technology can be an effective way to enhance both the efficacy and quality of your service. And with Samsung's Defense-Grade Security solution, you don't have to let standard security concerns deter you from incorporating mobile technologies into your offerings. This comprehensive solution promises a secure environment for the mobile device, protecting its booting process, data, apps, and network. Empowering staff to be more attentive to client needs, this guarantee of safety benefits clients doubly, ensuring both their safety and that needs are met in a timely manner.
    A bank employee is using her tablet to work safely and efficiently outside of the office.
    Empower banking professionals with the tools to work securely and productively, anytime and anywhere
    The effective management of an organization's mobile devices in adherence to the specific policies and regulatory requirements is key to smooth mobile deployment in banking. Ensure regulatory compliance with the wireless registration of mobile devices, and the distribution of mobile security policy. Banking apps, installed remotely through a dedicated app store, will fully equip staff to advise clients both at the branch and on the go. Protect against the possibility of a data breach with security solutions that enable staff to remotely lock, wipe, locate and recover the device.

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