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    Provide customers with a superior dining experience through seamless end-to-end order management.


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A digital menu displaying images of dishes and a video of a chef preparing the daily special is laying on top of a restaurant table.
Digitally Enhanced Menus
Restaurants can attract passing diners by placing visually enticing digital menu boards outside. After being seated at a table, diners can see the menu on their waiter's mobile device. The digital menus can showcase high-resolution images of the dishes or a video of the chef showing how the daily special is prepared.
A chef is using the wearable device on her wrist and the large format display in the kitchen to manage food orders.
Seamless End-to-End Process
Wearable devices and large displays make managing food orders easy. When a customer places an order using the mobile device at the table, the kitchen staff can view the order on their wearable device or on a digital display. This allows for kitchen staff to easily keep track of orders in real-time.
A diner is using a tablet at his table to check the status of his order.
Digitizing Order Status
Using the same mobile device that they used to place their orders, customers can also quickly and easily check to see if their orders have been put in correctly if it seems like the food is taking some time to arrive, without having to alert the waiter.


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