Creating a map of house by a camera on top

Creating a map of house by a camera on top, 30 frames per second Autobot has the ability to memorize the path of cleaning, calculating where the Autobot is located inside your house. It can capture images of ceiling, creating a map of your house with the camera to capture 30 frames per second

Less maintenance frequency

Autobot improved pet hair pick-up performance to prevent pet hair from wrapping around the brushes.

Reliable & safe cleaning while Autobot is working

3 cliff sensors look down to detect the edge of stairs, etc. Soft & wide rubber guard always protect furniture. 3 anti–tangle sensors automatically unwind any cords around your house or tassels of your delicate carpet. Automatically stop at lifted or tumbled.

Virtual Guard TM

- Virtual guard makes an invisible fence across your room (up to 4 m) and you can choose 1 of mode option
- Virtual Fence or Virtual Guide.
- Virtual Fence: Prevents NaviBot goes to specific area like valuable furniture, pet bed etc
- Virtual Guide: Designates cleaning order

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.