USB Host

The USB host feature allows direct playback of music, pictures and video from USB devices to your Samsung digital component. With USB host you no longer need to move contents to a PC and burn them into a CD or DVD before playback. Simply plug-in your digital camera, MP3 player or other USB devices to your Samsung digital component and enjoy the contents immediately.

1080P Up-scaling

Samsung's 1080P feature allows you to enjoy the full HD video quality and superb sound.

HDMI out

Faster, more efficient data transfer is enabled by the HDMI(High Definition Multimedia Interface) connection. Pure, uncompressed streams of digital data are transmitted, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of the highest level sound and image quality. Simply connect the HDMI cable from the DVD player to your TV and enjoy pure digital perfection.

Progressive Scan Out

Progressive Scan Output scans individual picture lines in sequence rather than alternately, maximizing the clarity of digital images and bringing new realism to your DVD viewing experience.


The inclusion of a secondary video decoder, secondary audio, and 1 minimum of 256 MB local storage is an advancement that allows full interaction with Piture-in-Picture displays, audio commentaries, and direct access to stored bookmarks, scenes, and movie preferences.
Enjoy the ultimate BD experience with BD-P1500.

HDMI (HD Audio Bitstream Out)

When you insert a Blu-ray title into the player, the HD Audio bit stream passes directly through the player and is transmitted to be decoded by the AV receiver via HDMI cable. This enables you to enjoy studio quality sound that is bit-for-bit identical to the original source material, resulting in a richer, more advanced audio experience.

Ethernet Port (Firmware Update)

A new firmware can be downloaded from server via Ethernet. Consumers can easily upgrade their players by pressing enter key.


HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) eliminates the need for multiple cables. It is a digital connectivity standard capable of transmitting the highest quality uncompressed HD digital video & audio content, all through a single cable.

Full HD (1080) up-scaling

Samsung's HDD built-in DVD Recorder up-convert the resolution of SD(Standard Definition) images up to Full HD 1080p quality via HDMI connection which means you'll experience the highest video quality.

HDMI CEC (Anynet+)

Anynet+ is an AV network system to automatically control Samsung audio-video (AV) devices. There is no need to use different remote controls for different devices. With Anynet+ feature, all you need is a remote control for simple and convenient experience.

Full HD BD Title Playback

Digital imaging is made up of pixels. The more pixels the picture has, the clearer the picture becomes. This is true of all digital imaging. More pixels means more image data,create a denser, more detailed image. More detail in the image enables the viewer to fee more comfortable with the picture because the picture is more natural and reflective of reality. Full HD 1080p generates the most vividly realistic images available, offering a comfortable, yet astounding clarity of picture.

HD Audio Format Support

Further explorations in sound excellence are made possible by HD Audio. This powerful format is capable of 7.1 channel audio performance, providing a new standard in pure audio resolution. HD Audio offers more quality, more channels, more flexibility, and is supported by the BD-P1500, generating an advanced audio environment which will take your breath away.

HD Audio Format Support

The BD-P1500 supports "x.v.Color", which features a color expression range that is about 1.2 times the conventional sRGB color range. When connected to a TV that supports "x.v.Color", the BD-P1500 can render colors more naturally and with enhanced depth.

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.