Stylish 3D glasses give Perfect Wearing Experience

Take your 3D experience to the next level with the Perfect Wearing Experience, found with Samsung 3D glasses SSG-3700CR. A unique ergonomic design, which guarantees the perfect fit, brings a touch of luxury to the whole 3D experience. The new 29.5g, feather weight design is the lightest on the market and provides a flexible bridge, nose pad and perfect weight balance for total comfort. The 3D glasses are rechargeable and are available in optimized sizes for everyone. So, experience 3D in luxury with your new 3D glasses that are made to fit.

See explosive 3D in total

Enjoy amazing 3D pictures without all the hassles. With the Samsung 3D Glasses SSG-3700CR, the experience is all about delivering brilliant visual with new levels of convenience. This is achieved with the Wireless charge ready, which charges your 3D glasses without you having to worry about cables. There’s also an auto on/off button. So all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the show. Too easy!

Bring 3D to life with advanced performance

Settle for nothing less than the absolute best 3D experience. With the Advanced 3D
effect, which improves LCD shutter speed, the Samsung 3D glasses SSG-3700CR
deliver a 3D performance that is simply stunning. Both lenses, right and left,
work in perfect harmony and produce images that are true-to-life. And with
an optional Samsung Visor, you can immerse yourself like never
before without the hindrance of outdoor daylight. Add to this the
stable connection, which keeps a safety link to your
TV via RF equipment, and you are ready for
a new world of entertainment.

2011 CES Award Best Innovation

Samsung Creates 'World's Lightest' 3D Glasses. Samsung's Feather-Light glasses use an unusual wrap-around design and boast a total weight of less than 29,5 g. The 3D glasses can be The 3D glasses can be charged wirelessly, and the RF functionality also strengthens connection stability with Samsung 3D TV. Samsung's 3D glasses guarantees picture quality.

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.