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Smart Communication Tool

Smart Communication Tool

Staying connected to the people that matter most
has never been easier with the communication
capabilities of the Galaxy S WiFi 5.0. Designed to
keep you updated on the latest, it comes equipped
with two cameras for you to talk and see anyone
wherever you are. And with Social Hub, social
networking will never be the same.

Social Hub

Have all your latest messages, pictures, and gossip
from friends in one powerful and convenient place –
Social Hub. Integrated with all the popular social
network services including Facebook, Twitter, and
Flickr, post and check the latest happenings of life. It
even synchronizes your calendar with those of your
friends and family, so you’re never miss any event,
big or small.

Video/Voice Calls Over WiFi

Don’t just say hello but wave the next time you
connect with friends and family. Qik application
offers you the unbelievable experience of seeing
your loved ones wherever there’s wireless
connection. It’s not just freedom to connect, but
free to connect as well at no expense – so go
ahead and get close for as long as you’d like.
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