I deleted my application. How can I download it again?

Last Update date :2017.04.19


You can check your download history and also update your applications under ‘Downloads’ function in your phone.

Even if an application was deleted or not installed properly, it can be re-downloaded at Downloads.


When you deleted an application, you do not need to purchase it again. Through ‘Downloads’, you can re-download applications once you have downloaded to your phone.

    1. Tap ‘Start’.

    2. On the ‘Internet ‘screen, tap ‘Java’.

    3. Tap ‘Download Applications’.

    4. Tab on ‘Menu’ on ‘Application Store’ screen.

    5. Then tab ‘My page’.

    6. You will find ‘Downloads’ at ‘My page’.

If you are not signed up, you can find Downloads directly at the Menu.

    7. On ‘Downloads’, check your download history and find the deleted application.

    8. Re-download the application.

[Important Reminders]

Re-download is available for 1 year for the first device downloaded the application. 


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