What to do when having No sound or Weak sound

Last Update date :2017.04.19


No sound

1. Hear Nothing from a Camera

    Check the Camera specification through “Samsung.com”.Some cameras have no Speaker inside.

2. Hear Nothing after connected to TV with the camera cradle.

    1) Without the cradle, connect the camera with TV

    Cradle : Tool for easy charging and transfer for data



    2). Check the sound status, OK or not. If it’s OK, camera cradle may have a defect. Hence, it requires service for repair. Otherwise, AV cable should be required for repair.

3. Hear Nothing when using Zoom-In/Out function User can not hear any sound during Zoom-In/Out, while recording a video. To prevent audio cut-out, do not use the zoom while recording. If you need to use the zoom, use it before you begin recording.

Weak Sound

Recording distance and sound source have an effect on it. We recommend that Suitable distance between camera and sound source is about 40cm.


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