How do I install The Water Filter

Last Update date :2017.04.19


The water filter is located in one of two places in your refrigerator:

    • In the upper right of your refrigerator in the back.

    • Behind the vegetable bin.

To install the water filter, follow these steps:

1. Make sure that the water line connected to your refrigerator is turned off at the point where the refrigerator water line connects to your house water supply.

2. If your water filter holder is located in the upper right of your refrigerator, remove the top glass shelf from your refrigerator.

3. If your water filter holder is located behind the vegetable bin, remove the vegetable bin from your refrigerator.      

4. Remove the fixed cap that protects the water filter holder during shipping.

    ※Note: You should keep the cap in a safe place in case you need to recap the holder. The holder should be recapped if you remove the water filter and do not replace it.

5. Place the month sticker on the water filter.

6. Remove the red cap from the water filter.

7. Put the water filter into the water filter holder so that the UNLOCK symbol on the water filter lines up with the WATER FILTER mark on the filter holder

※Note: The UNLOCK symbol looks like an open padlock.

8.  Turn the water filter counter clockwise 90 degrees until the LOCK symbol on the water filter lines up with the WATER FILTER mark on the filter holder. The LOCK symbol looks like a closed padlock.

    ※Note: Apply slow, steady pressure when you turn the filter. The turning will be difficult. This ensures a tight seal.

9. Turn on the water line. Check for leaks.

10. If there are no leaks, put the glass shelf or the vegetable bin back into the refrigerator.

The water filter light will turn orange after five months or approximately 450 gallons, and red after six months or approximately 500 gallons, indicating that the filter should be changed.


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