What is Touch Supporter on Samsung XE700T1C Tablet PC

Last Update date :2017.04.19

If you touch the screen with three fingers simultaneously the touch support program is launched.




Ctrl (Multi Selection)

Has the same function as the Ctrl key on the keyboard. If you touch the Ctrl button, the indicator is turned on. When the Ctrl key is activated and you touch various files one by one with your finger, all the pressed files are selected.

Ctrl+C (Copy)

Copies the selected item.

Ctrl+X (Cut)

Cuts the selected item.

Ctrl+V (Paste)

Pastes the copied or cut item.

Del (Delete)

Deletes the selected item.

Ctrl+Z (Undo)

Cancels the last operation.


Press the Magnifier button to launch the Magnifier program. Using this program you can magnify a selected section.

Numeric Pad

Touch the Numeric Keypad button to activate the number and direction keypad.


You can add or move frequently used hot keys by pressing the Settings button. You can register up to 10 hot keys and decide whether to display either the hot key or the function name to represent the hot key information.


Exits the Touch Supporter. You can also touch the screen with three fingers again.

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