How to use the Photo Note feature of Galaxy Note 4?

Last Update date :2017.04.19

Follow the steps below while using the S-Note.



1. On Apps, tap the S Note for Photo note.


    s note 


2. Tap the “Create new note” icon




3. Tap the “Photo note” icon.


    photo note 



4. Focus on images to take. For best results, take picture when

    border around subject is blue. The camera will detect a rectangle

    shaped edge.


    focusing on images to take 


5. You can change the detection mode between Auto and Manual.

Use Auto mode to capture document easily. For more precise editing,

tap to switch to Manual mode.



    Detection mode 


6. Tap the camera button once the edges have been correctly detected.


    tap cam button  


7. After shooting, you can manually adjust the detected edge area and

rotate image direction. If editing is completed, tap the Save button.


    adjust and save 



8. After cropping or stretching you image, Photo note will automatically

recognize text and images by different sections in your document.


    recognizing text 


9. When touched the each section, you can choose to apply or remove

the Photo note effect. The Photo note effect will make the background

colour white, making it easier to recognize text. If you choose not to apply

the Photo note effect, your section will be copied and pasted as it is.



    photo note effect 


When you apply the Photo note effect, your section will be transformed as

shown below.


    effect applied 



10. You can remove or add sections to your documents. To remove sections,

 tap the close button. To add new sections, tap plus button.


    remove or add section 


11. New section is added and you can change the section location

       to apply Photo note effect.


       Each section will be pasted into S Note as a separate image.


        section added 


   If section edition is completed, tap the Save button



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