Galaxy Note 5 - How to use the expanded Screen Capture of the S Pen?

Last Update date :2017.04.19


The Galaxy Note5 supports a feature which lets you simply capture  a lengthy content


- Seamlessly capture a lengthy content without scrolling

- Annotate freely on the captured image with the S Pen


How to use?


air command 


 Open Air Command from the browser and click “Screen write”


scroll capture 


 Click “Scroll capture” to start capturing and continue by clicking “Capture more”






You can write on the captured image and click “save in gallery”



You can seamlessly capture a lengthy article/IM/document and

save it as a single image file.


expanded screen capture 




Expanded screen capture supports up to 22 browser pages.


The resolution of the content varies based on the number of pages captured.


 - 1 page : Quad HD,

2~10 pages : FHD,

11~22 pages : HD.

If 8 page are captured, the resolution of the merged image is FHD


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