What to do when an image has shown as strange color

Last Update date :2017.04.19


One of possible causes for abnormal Image color is wrong setting value for White Balance.

[Terms Description]  White balance

    One of the most important elements for Digital Picture
    Color balance based on White Color Information

    Human eye can grasp the actual white information in any situation

    But camera can make the accurate color for any situation

    Through a image sensor according to the Light Source.

    Correct color balance gives the expression of the “gradation”
    the influence with the “feel of a material “ as well as color.


Check the white balance setting in the menu.

1. Turn on the camera, then Click the “Menu” button.

 2. Go to “White Balance (=WB)” button.

     Usually, use the AWB (=Auto WB) as WB setting.

     WB control allows you to adjust the color to appear more natural. According to the light source, can select verity of WB values       

    If WB setting is wrong, result image may has abnormal color.

                   < Original Color >                               < Abnormal Color >
    If the setting value is not fault, The camera requires repair service. 


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