How to repeat a song/section

Last Update date :2017.04.19


Follow these steps to repeat a song/section


This function enables you to listen to specific parts of a track repeatedly.It’s helpful when learning a language, for example:

    Step 1) Tap the [] icon at the beginning of the section you want to repeat

    • The starting point is set and Rep A will appear.

    Step 2) Tap the [] icon again to set the ending of the section you want to repeat

    Rep AB will appear and the specified section starts to play repeatedly.


2. To cancel Repeating

Tap the [] icon again during Section Repeat. Section Repeat will be canceled.


※ Note

• Some models do not support this function.
• The method may differ depending on the portable device model. Please refer to the user manual of your model. You can find the user manual on [ > Support > Download Center > Search by Model number].



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