Poor call quality and call drops on my phone

Last Update date :2017.04.19


The GT-S8000 (Jet) is more dependant on the strength of the radio signal, as it activates on radio waves.

[Related Symptom]

    - Low success rate of call connection.


Some variables that may affect call quality are:

    -   Low network signal

    -   Installation of 3rd party applications


In the case of poor call quality and call drops, please check the followings:


1. Check Idle screen display of handset.

    - Name of service provider (PLMN) should be displayed properly and this should be matched with your SIM card provider and roaming partners.

    - Signal bar should be displayed with bars.


2. Check number of signal bar on the idle screen.

     -Your device should display minimum 2 signal bars to receive incoming calls and make outgoing calls.  


3. Check individual signal level of 2G and 3G.

    - Select Main menu > Select Setting > Select Network settings  

    -Select Network mode

    - Select GSM 900/1800 to check 2G signal level.

    - Select UMTS 900/2100 to check 3G signal level.

    - Select other network mode if you want (Change to automatic again if you are moving to another area.)

    - If handset can do this automatically, Automatic setting will be strongly recommended.


4. If you still have same problem, power off and turn on handset.

[Important reminders]

If you do not find any abnormal symptom after having done the steps above, please contact your network operator for assiatance.









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