How to use S Health application in Galaxy S4?

Last Update date :2017.04.19



To set the S Health Application, follow the steps below:



1. Select S Health in the application menu.


2. Select Next


3. Read and Agree to the Terms and Conditions, select Next


4. Enter your physical statistics and information (Name, Birthday, Gender, Height, Weight, etc). Tap Start.







What we can do with  S Health?


Surrounding Environment







The Comfort Level (Surrounding Environment) is able to record ambient temperature and humidity and displays on the screen whether it is a pleasant environment or not.


Note: The measurements recorded by comfort lever are not intended to be precise. They are affected by the surrounding and the device itself.



Calorie Management





Assists users to manage their calories by using the Walking mate, exercise mate, and food tracker.


  • Walk Mate: it is able to measure step real time. Total step, goal step, distance, and calories burned are shown on the screen. Medal and comment  appears depending on the number of step. It works even in sleep mode.
  • Exercise Mate:  it is able to record the user's movemet, and measure the total calories burned. Total calorie intake and time fo exercise are shown on the screen.
  • Food Tracker: it is able to measure the amount fo calories of food intake. Food intake, total calorie intake and goal calorie intake are shown on the screen. Medal and comment appears depening no the calorie intake.


Health Care Diary






It is able to measure weight and various body mass index. Representative images of current weight and various body mass index are displayed on the screen.




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