What to do if we are unable to turn off the Airconditioning system?

Last Update date :2017.04.19


1. Plug the cord in a outlet again.

  - The power failure can be caused by temporary reason. Unplug the power cord and plug in

    again after 30 seconds.


2. The outdoor unit can run after power off

  - When you turn the power off, the indoor unit is going to be off immediately however, the

    outdoor unit can run about 1 minutes more to release heat inside.


3. Is the auto cleaning function working?

  - If the auto cleaning function is working, the indoor unit can run after power off.


        Note: Auto clean function will prevent mold from growing by eliminating the moisture inside of

        the indoor unit. Your indoor unit evaporates the moisture inside of the unit. Activate this

        function to provide you with more clean and healthier air.


        Auto Clean time can vary, depending on the previously used mode.


          Auto(cool), Cool, Dry mode : approximately 30 minutes.

          Auto(heat), Heat, Fan mode : approximately 15 minutes.


        After stopping the air conditioner operation , the Auto clean indicator on the indoor unit

        display appears and the Auto clean function runs.



4. If the touch panel product can not work if you touch the button by a pen or other objects.

  - Touch the button by hand or a conductor, the product can work.


   Note: Some Samsung A/C uses touchscreen panels and this has to be checked just in case you cannot

    power off the A/C from it.

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