Galaxy Note 4- How to set up the My Interest Wallpaper on the Lock Screen?

Last Update date :2017.04.19

1. Here are our Dynamic Lock screen service composed of My Interest.

You can set your device to show high quality images based on your interests

on the lock screen. Pinch the Home screen with two finger . Alternatively,

Tap and hold on the Home screen



2. Select ‘Wallpapers’ icon



3. Wallpaper setting page for Home screen, Lock screen, Home and lock

screen display. Tap Lock screen.



4. Tap the ‘My Interests’ menu




5. There are various 7 categories most users prefer. It’s Drawings, Travel,

Nature, Landscape, Night sky, Pets, Food.

Select your preferred categories. New wallpaper images will be downloaded

for the category you just selected.

Receiving new wallpaper images via mobile networks may result in additional

charges. We recommend using Wi-Fi networks instead.


6. You can make the image interactive through Settings. Tap the Settings




7. Tap the Dynamic effect to add dynamic effects to lock screen wallpapers,

such as zooming in and moving. Enabling Dynamic effect will disable any unlock

effects currently enabled. If you want to see a common images, then Un-check

Dynamic effect




8. And you can set your time interval of changing wallpapers. Tap

Transition interval.

There are 4 options of Every 1 HR, 3HR, 6HR, 12HR and Select the time

interval you want.






9. To receive a better quality service with less duplication, based on

your preferences, tap the Enhanced service.

To provide you with a more enhanced experience, My interest service

seeks access to your device identifier and what type of categories

selected or image rendered


10. If you complete to select settings, return to back screen and Tab

Set as wallpaper’.

Return to the Home screen. Turn off the LCD and Turn on the LCD again.


You can see colorful and brilliant images on the Lock screen



11. On the wallpaper, you can move to Content Provider mobile web page

or App service through tapping on the Logo.

Just tap the Logo on the bottom area



12. Swipe the screen. Then you are able to move to mobile web

site which real image files uploaded.








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