Galaxy Tab Pro S - How can I restore to factory default ?

Last Update date :2017.04.19

1. Tap the [Start] button on the Windows desktop and then tap [All apps].

 RFS 01 


2. Tap [Samsung] folder and then [Samsung Recovery].

RFS 02 

Note: Before performing a factory data reset, ensure you back up all important data

stored on the device.


3. Tap [Backup Management] and then [Factory Image].

 RFS 03 


4. Tap [Recover].

 RFD 04 


5. Tap [Recover].

 RFD 05 


6. Tap [OK] and then the computer is restarted.

 RFD 06 


7. Tap [Yes] and then start to recover.

 RFD 07 


8. Tap [OK] to restart the system.

RFD 08 


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