Circuit Breaker (MCB Trip) activates while operates

Last Update date :2017.04.19


A low-rating circuit breaker(MCB) used.


If Circuit Breaker (MCB Trip) activates during operations, please check for the followings.

Step 1.

 Check whether the 16 Amp good Quality Top plug is used or not.

 Check whether Switch is ON and the Power is supplied.

Step 2.

Check a loose connection between plug and socket. It may increase the unit of
   electriccurrent (amp).


Step 3.

Check proper earthing with related voltage

 Important check list

1. Always use a properly rated Breaker (MCB) compared to product capacity.

Capacity       Current (AMP)           Breaker size

0.75 ton           5~6Amp                   16 Amp

              1.0  ton           6~7Amp                    20 Amp          

              1.5  ton          8~10Amp                   32 Amp

               2   ton          15~16Amp                  40 Amp

2. Under size breaker may cause Tripping.

3. Refrigerant over-charge may also cause Tripping.

4. If there is any Phase leakage, it may also cause Tripping.

[Important Reminders]

Depending on national regulations and your specific installation, you may need to install a circuit breaker.For further information on electrical requirements, contact a professional electrician.This device must be installed according to the national rules.



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