What to do when Camera does not power on

Last Update date :2017.04.19


Your camera will power off on its own if one of the following conditions occur.

    You’ve inserted the batteries in your camera incorrectly

    The batteries in your camera have died and need to be replaced or recharged.

    Your camera is malfunctioning and requires service.


1. Inserting the Batteries Correctly

Make sure that you’ve inserted the batteries with the plus and minus (+ and -) ends pointing in the correct direction. If you have inserted the batteries correctly, the batteries will look like the batteries in the picture below.


2. Confirming the Batteries are Charged

 Your camera automatically shuts off if the batteries are weak or exhausted. Check the Battery Indicator on your camera to see if the batteries are fully charged. If the Battery indicator on your camera indicates the battery charge is very low, replace or recharge the batteries.

3. Re-Charging the Battery Fully

If you do not fully re-charge the battery when you re-charge it, the battery will drain much faster. To ensure the battery is fully re-charged, follow these steps:

    1)  Plug the charging cable into your camera, then into a wall outlet or PC.
    2)  When your camera is charging, the LED on the charging cable is red.
    3)  When your camera is fully charged, the LED on the charging cable turns green.
    ※Note: Make sure you wait until the LED turns green before disconnecting the charger.

4. Malfunctioning Battery

If the battery drains quickly or does not hold a charge and the LED on the charging cable shows the battery is charged, the battery is malfunctioning and you need to replace it.

5. Malfunctioning Camera

If the charging LED on the charging cable does not turn red or green when you plug the cable into your camera and then into a wall outlet, the camera will require service. 


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