How to download “World tour guide” utility

Last Update date :2017.04.19


What is the World Tour Guide?

    Samsung Camera is pleased to bring you the exclusive World Tour Guide, available on the Samsung i7,i85 ,L74W. This unique feature, added to digital camera for the first time, provides even greater usability allowing you access to information on famous attractions in over 30 countries around the world.

1. Easy Operation through a Flash Animated GUI With both Flash Animated GUI, the World Tour Guide is easily operated.

    i7 and  L74W : Touch Screen

    i85 : 5-Way Key

 2. Hign-capacity internal memory provided for storage You can store both pictures and various World Tour Guides with high-capacity memory.

    i7 and  L74W : 450MB

    i85 : 190MB

How to Download & Use the Tour guide Function
To use the World Tour Guide, the information must be saved on a memory, as same below.

    i7 and L74W : internal memory

    i85 : both of memory types (internal or external memory)

1. Connect your camera to a computer and turn on(before you connect the camera to your computer, please refer to the below information)

    To save the data onto a memory card, make sure to insert the memory card before making a connection; or to save the data to the internal memory, make sure to remove the memory card before making a connection.

2. Select the World Tour Guide information you require.
3. Download the Zip file to your computer and extract the World Tour Guide file.

4. Run Windows explorer and find the removable disk.
5. Create a [tour] folder on the removable disk.

6. Select the file or files you want and copy them to the [tour] folder on the removable disk.



    Go to the Authorized Web Site (

    Then you can find each model’s Driver & Manual.

    Go to “Support & Download” → “Download Center” → Utility

    (But, you must join our member and need to on-line resister.)


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