What are the new functions of Air Gestures in Galaxy S4?

Last Update date :2017.04.19

Air Gesture in Galaxy S4 have many features like Quick Glance, Air Jump, Air browse, Air move, and Air call accept.








NOTE: Air Gesture uses a Sensor positioned  at the top right above the screen . The sensor can recognize the gestures best at a distance of within 7 cm when you perform gestures at normal speed. When Air Gestures are available, the   icon will appear on top of the screen.




How to Access?



Apps ->Settings ->Tap on "My Device" tab -> Tap Air Gesture ->Switch on Air Gesture.




You may choose any of the Air Gestures which you desire to use.








Note: The device may not recognize the gestures if you perform them too far from the device or wearing dark colored clothes, such as gloves.




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