What should be done if there is noise or vibration on the indoor A/C unit?

Last Update date :2017.04.19


1. Unplug the indoor unit and plug it in after 30 seconds.

  - The noise can occurs because of the temporary reason.

     If the noise is stopped after re-plug in, this is not a problem of the product.


2. Is there a obstacle in front the inlet or outlet of the indoor unit?

  - The noise can occurs because the obstacle touches fan or vibration of the obstacle.

    Remove the obtacle which you can see (Curtain, blind, etc…..)


3. Is the unit level and installed on the flat wall?

  - If the indoor unit is not level and the installed place is not flat, noise can be occur because

    of the operation vibration.

    Install the indoor unit is level and install the indoor unit on the flat location.


4. Is the noise the sound of the water flowing from the product?

  - The water flowing sound can occur because of the refrigerant gas circulation in the product.

    Also, water is made in the product during operation.

    Therefore, the water flowing sound can occur when emitting the water from the inside

    of the product to outside.

    This is normal condition, a little water flowing sound can occur for the product operation


5. Cracking noise

  - This noise is normal. It occurs when the interior componenets (plastic parts) contract or

     expand as the temperature change.

     This noise is not concerned with the air conditioner function.


6. Did the noise occur after cleaning dust filter?

  - If the noise has occurred after cleaning dust filter, check if the filter is inserted normally.

    Also, check if the cover is closed properly.





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