Which modes are supported by Samsung Galaxy S5 camera?

Last Update date :2017.04.19


1.Camera support 6 of preloaded mode:

   Auto, Beauty face, Shot&more, Panorama, Virtual tour shot, Dual Camera modes

   and additional downloadable mode from Samsung Apps. Select the MODE button.


    Beauty face take flawless portrait pictures using the airbrush effect. This function may

    not work when it’s too dark or when the subject is too close to the camera.


    Shot and more explore the various effects available for burst shots. Effects can be

    applied right after taking your pictures or in Studio. The following effects are available in

    Shot & more; Best photo, Best face, Eraser, Drama shot, Panning shot.


    Panorama take a photo composed of many photos strung together. Create a linear

    panorama by taking pictures in either a horizontal or vertical direction. To get the best

    shot, follow these tips.

            – –Move the camera slowly in one direction.

            – –Keep the camera’s viewfinder within the guide frame.

            – –Avoid taking photos of a subject in front of unrecognizable backgrounds,

                 such as empty skies or plain walls.


    Virtual tour shot take photos of a space by moving the device and shooting from

    different angles and apply a 3D-effect to them. Create interactive virtual tours of your


    To start taking a Virtual tour shot, place the target pointer in the centre of the circle.


    Dual Shot can take pictures and record videos using the front and rear cameras at the

    same time. A variety of picture-in-picture styles are available.


2. Default is Auto mode. Use this to allow the camera to evaluate the surroundings and

    determine the ideal mode for the photo. Scroll and tap the mode you want.



    cam modes 



   During shooting of all mode, Hold the device steady until it finishes taking the picture.



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